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  • Yiddish TranslationJune 05, 2013A win in the Scripps National Spelling Bee last week has erupted in controversy over the correct spelling of a Yiddish word. Arvind Mahankali, a 13 year old New Yorker, took the win for his correct spelling of the word “knaidel”.Read More
  • Some French Universities Now Teaching Classes in EnglishMay 24, 2013A new proposal by French Parliament is overturning a previous law that all but banned universities from teaching classes in languages other than French. The new approved proposal allows French universities to teach some classes in English, amidst concerns that the proposal could turn French into a "dead language".Read More
  • Words That Won't Go AwayMay 15, 2013As decades pass, some words rise to popularity and then fall out of use. After all, most people don't speak using the same phrases as our relatives did in the 1800’s.Read More
  • The Dance Move Dictionary May 07, 2013Reading the dictionary can be helpful but it isn't fun by any stretch of the imagination. Well it wasn't up until now, at least. The PUMA Dance Dictionary is changing everything you thought you knew about the dictionary. This dictionary is made up of dance moves!Read More
  • Court Cases in India are Getting Lost in TranslationApril 22, 2013Recently, some district court cases in India have led to confusion due to important documents being mistranslated or lost in translation. India is already known for it's slow and cumbersome judicial system, and the translation issue is only adding to the problem.Read More
  • Translator Received PEN Prize in JailApril 17, 2013Translator Ayse Berktay was jailed after being convicted as a member of a KCK organization, but that did't stop her from winning the PEN American Center's 2013 Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award.Read More
  • Proofreading Emails Is So OverratedApril 17, 2013Have you ever sent an e-mail to your boss or a client before proofreading only to regret it seconds later? In the business world, a small grammatical error or typo can leave you feeling inadequate.Read More
  • Need for Business Translations is on the RiseJanuary 31, 2013Many businesses that previously didn't intend to use foreign partners and suppliers are now branching out to foreign markets due to the economy. In order to stay afloat and profitable, businesses are looking to unusual foreign markets to fill their needs.Read More
  • Sign Language May Help Babies With Spoken LanguageJanuary 31, 2013If you've ever been frustrated waiting for your little one to mutter his or her first words, sign language may be the way to go. Many parents these days are turning to sign language to communicate with their young babies.Read More
  • Simultaneous Computer Translation Isn't Just For Star TrekJanuary 16, 2013Many Star Trek fans that used to think that translation devices that translated alien language into English were just Science Fiction are about to be proven wrong. While aliens may not exist, foreign languages do and it's now nearly possible to translate languages simultaneously using a computer.Read More
  • Did You Know? Language Learning Starts Before BirthJanuary 16, 2013Babies are far smarter than most people give them credit for. Most would be surprised to learn that within hours after birth, babies can already tell the difference between their native language and a foreign language. For weeks before their arrival, babies can hear and listen intently to their parents words, taking in the first elements of language.Read More
  • The Costa Prize Draws Sexism ControversyJanuary 16, 2013Controversy is often welcomed by literary prizes, as controversy can draw added exposure and attention to their existence. But did the Costa Prize really want to get into the battle of the sexes?Read More
  • Best Books of 2012January 01, 2013As 2012 draws to a close, many people are reflecting on their lives this past year. And that includes some of the best books theyve read. While its obviously impossible to read every book that gets published in a given year, here are some of the top critics picks from 2012. Have you read any of these.Read More
  • McDonalds Demands Their Own Word In Aussie DictionaryDecember 18, 2012McDonalds isn't just an American favorite. The fast food chain is a popular hot spot around the world, including in Australia. So popular, in fact, they are demanding their own placement in the Australian national Macquarie Dictionary.Read More
  • Shortage of Court Interpreters Delays Cases In UKDecember 03, 2012According to Mail Online, over one hundred court cases in the United Kingdom have been abandoned due to a serious lack of translators. This issue has caused the court system to begin relying on Google Translate which is problematic in and of itself. Anyone who has ever used Google Translate can certainly understand how small errors could lead to big problems in criminal trials, especially serious offenses such as murder.Read More
  • Oxford Dictionary App Causes a Stir on TwitterDecember 03, 2012Imagine paying up to $50 for an iPhone app and then having that app post all over your Twitter about you being guilty of internet piracy. This is a true story for some folks who paid for and downloaded the Oxford Dictionary of English.Read More
  • The 13 Weird New Additions to the DictionaryDecember 03, 2012The Collins Dictionary is a free online dictionary that likes to keep its word selection up to date. That explains why the dictionary recently added 13 weird new words. The new entries come from a feature the site enabled over the summer.Read More
  • Arabic Translation for Legal and Business DocumentsJune 20, 2011Legal translation must be provided only by experienced legal translators with background professions in law. When a legal contract with Arabic to English translation is completed, both documents must have exactly the same terms of agreement. Our professional translation company guarantees accuracy on all document translationsRead More

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