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In the intricate world of banking and finance, clear communication is vital. With Tomedes' specialized translation services, we not only bridge linguistic divides but also empower your global ambitions. Explore our offerings and elevate your bank’s communications today.

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The Essential Role of Professional Banking Translation Services

Banking and financial institutions, as well as individuals, often require translation services. This need is pronounced for banks with branches in countries where the predominant language differs from their native tongue. Additionally, regions with significant immigrant populations, like some areas in the U.S. with a high percentage of Spanish or Chinese speakers, demand these services. Both banks and residents in these areas rely on translation services to bridge communication gaps.


Banking translation primarily focuses on financial documents, necessitating translators to possess in-depth knowledge of finance, along with banking procedures and policies. Tomedes addresses this need with a global team of expert banking translators. These specialists work across a multitude of language pairs, offering competitive rates. Our experience encompasses a broad range of banking translation projects for banks, businesses, and individuals.

Why The Banking & Finance Sector Trust Tomedes’ Services

Precise & Accurate

When it comes to finance, a single misinterpretation can spell disaster. At Tomedes, we recognize the gravity of these stakes. As an ISO 17100 certified agency, we ensure that every document undergoes rigorous review and proofreading, aligning with industry standards, to provide translations that the banking sector can trust implicitly.

Guaranteed Compliance

Navigating the intricate maze of global financial regulations can be daunting. Banks and financial services operate across diverse regulatory landscapes, each with its distinct linguistic requirements. Tomedes is adept at ensuring that translations not only meet but exceed these regulatory stipulations, guaranteeing seamless compliance across borders.

Terminological Consistency

With operations spanning multiple regions, banks face the daunting task of ensuring consistent terminology across numerous translations. Tomedes excels in this domain. We employ sophisticated tools and expertise to ensure that regardless of how many regions you're reaching out to, the terminological integrity remains consistent, fostering clear communication and brand coherence.

Secure & Confidential

In the realm of finance, confidentiality isn't just a luxury; it's a mandate. Tomedes understands this sanctity. Our platforms are fortified with top-tier security certifications, ensuring that your financial data remains inviolable. Furthermore, our dedicated translators are bound by NDAs, ensuring that your confidential information remains just that – confidential.

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All The Document Translation Banks & Financial Institutions Need

At Tomedes, we understand the diverse language needs of banks and financial institutions. Our expertise extends to translating a wide spectrum of critical and essential documents, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and utmost confidentiality. Trust us to bridge your linguistic gaps seamlessly.

Tomedes' Assurance: Quality Banking Translations with a 1-Year Guarantee

The precision required in banking translations, especially in critical documents like financial reports, cannot be overstated. A minor error could have catastrophic ramifications. It's with this understanding that Tomedes upholds a stringent quality assurance process. Not only do we collaborate with seasoned translators, but every completed document also undergoes a meticulous review by a secondary translator of equal expertise. Rooted in our confidence from robust quality practices, including adherence to ISO 9001 standards, we proudly offer a 1-year guarantee on our translation quality.


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More Language Services for the Banking Industry

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In the digital age, it's imperative that financial apps resonate with users globally. At Tomedes, we specialize in UI and content localization, ensuring your financial apps are intuitively accessible to everyone, irrespective of their native language. 


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Banking Website Content Localization

Your bank's online presence is its global storefront. We ensure your website speaks fluently to audiences everywhere by localizing its content, making your banking services appealing and clear to customers worldwide. 


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Remote Interpreting for LEP Customers

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) customers deserve impeccable service. Our remote interpreting services ensure clear communication, bridging linguistic gaps and fostering trust between banks and their diverse clientele. 

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ATM Kiosk Software Localization

ATMs are pivotal touchpoints in the banking experience. We localize ATM kiosk software, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers, no matter where they're transacting. 


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