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Experience seamless global meetings with Tomedes' 24/7 professional Zoom translation and interpretation services. With live interpreters fluent in over 150 languages, we guarantee that every word is perfectly understood, ensuring real-time closed captioning for comprehensive clarity. Connect internationally with ease and confidence with Tomedes.

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Globalize Your Zoom Meetings

Imagine a Zoom meeting where language barriers vanish. Your words, effortlessly understood by a global audience, opening doors to new markets and opportunities. That's what our Zoom translation and interpretation services offer.

Tailored for small and medium businesses eager to expand internationally, we ensure clear, effective communication. Our interpreters don’t just translate words; they understand cultures, contexts, and the subtle nuances that make each conversation unique.

Transform your meetings into a hub of global connection, where business partnerships flourish. Bridge the global communication gap & book a live interpretation session

Explore our Zoom Interpretation Options

Access our Zoom interpretation services for clear global communication, offering Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting. Collaborate with expert interpreters for seamless interactions. Work with expert interpreters committed to best practices for seamless interactions.

Consecutive Zoom Interpreting

Perfect for smaller, interactive meetings where clarity is key, our Consecutive Zoom Interpreting ensures that every word is precisely translated. After you speak, our interpreters step in, delivering clear translations, maintaining the integrity and depth of your conversation. Ideal for detailed discussions and negotiations

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Simultaneous Zoom Interpreting

Our Simultaneous Zoom Interpreting is a seamless solution for larger gatherings. As you speak, our skilled interpreters translate in real-time, ensuring uninterrupted flow and engagement. This service is essential for webinars and large-scale meetings, making multilingual communication effortless.

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How Our Zoom Interpretation Services Work

Setting up Zoom Interpretation: A Quick Guide

Before the Meeting/Webinar

[1] Enable Interpretation: While scheduling your Zoom session, activate the interpretation feature in settings.

[2] Add Interpreters: Enter the email and language pairs (like English to Spanish) for each interpreter. For multiple interpreters, use “+Add Language Interpreter” to add them individually. Don’t forget to save your settings!

During the Session

[1] Access Settings: Click the interpretation icon in Zoom.

[2] Assign Interpreters: Input each interpreter’s details, specifying their language pairs. Add multiple interpreters one by one, then hit START.

[3] Channel Notification: Participants will be informed that interpretation channels are available.

[4] Choose Channels: Participants select their language channel by clicking the interpretation icon.

Translate Your Recorded Zoom Sessions

Maximize the impact of your recorded Zoom meetings and webinars with our extensive localization services. We offer everything from precise closed captioning to professional voice-overs, detailed subtitling, and accurate transcriptions. Our one-stop solution makes your content accessible and engaging for a global audience.

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Proven Expertise in Zoom Interpreting

Our extensive experience in Zoom interpreting speaks for itself. For over a decade, we’ve helped facilitate global communication for businesses and visionaries around the world, from critical political meetings to initiatives for private organizations.  Discover how we've helped businesses like yours eliminate language barriers.

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Industry Leaders Trust Tomedes for Their Global Conferences

Join the ranks of global authorities and industry leaders who trust Tomedes for their conference interpreting needs. See Our Client List

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover common questions our clients often ask about Zoom translation and interpretation services.

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