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Whether you're hosting an international conference, conducting a business meeting, or organizing any event involving multiple languages, you need top-notch interpreting services to ensure everyone is on the same page. At Tomedes, we provide a comprehensive range of conference interpreting services to facilitate effective communication among everyone involved. 


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Understanding Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreting is essential for flawless communication in international settings with diverse linguistic backgrounds. For instance, in a global conference addressing climate change, it is crucial that each representative comprehends and contributes effectively. Conference interpreting ensures that language barriers do not impede communication and collaboration.


Tomedes provides top-notch conference interpreting services, ensuring accurate and timely communication. Our interpreters are native speakers and subject-matter experts. Trusted by clients globally, including the United Nations, Tomedes guarantees smooth conference proceedings, fostering understanding and cooperation among all attendees.


Why Choose Tomedes’ Conference Interpreting Solutions

Accurate Interpretation

Tomedes places the highest priority on accuracy. We only employ highly skilled interpreters with expertise in the relevant subject matter, ensuring clear and accurate communication in every interaction. You can trust Tomedes for professional and precise interpretation services.


Reliable Service

Reliability is crucial for the success of any event. At Tomedes, we ensure that our interpreters are sufficiently equipped before assigning them to your project. Our interpreters are known for their punctuality, professionalism, and preparedness for any unexpected challenges. Rely on Tomedes for consistently reliable service.


Flexible & Cost-Effective

Every event has unique needs. Tomedes offers tailored, affordable interpreting solutions. We provide various services, including simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpreting, and offer special discounts for nonprofits and long-term contracts. Choose Tomedes for customized, affordable solutions.

Secure & Confidential

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. Our interpreters are required to sign strict confidentiality agreements, and we have implemented robust data security measures to ensure the security of your information. With Tomedes, you can be confident that your information is in safe hands.


Secure Conference Interpreters for Any Event

We recognize the importance of clear and effective communication in any setting. Our event interpreting services are tailored to facilitate seamless interactions across a spectrum of occasions, from global summits to cultural festivals. We provide expert interpreters trained for specific contexts, ensuring professional and precise communication no matter the event.


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Ensure effective communication for all your international participants with our top-notch conference interpreting services. Contact us now at +1 985 239 0142,, or use our web form by clicking the button below to secure the best interpreters for your event. 


Conference Interpretation the Way You Need It

At Tomedes, we understand that every conference is unique, and so are your interpreting needs. Whether you require real-time translation with simultaneous interpreting, face-to-face communication with on-site interpreting, the convenience of Zoom interpreting for virtual meetings, or the more personalized and detailed approach of consecutive interpreting for your conference’s Q&A sessions, we've got you covered.


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