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Video game localization services are crucial for any title or franchise looking to expand their player-base. Tomedes offers a comprehensive approach that includes cultural, linguistic, and visual considerations for game localization – delivered by a team of professional video game translators and localization specialists. Coupled with our dedicated customer support (available even on holidays), each project is guaranteed to sail smoothly.

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Professional Video Game Localization - for Global Reach and Player Engagement

Game localizations are essential to ensuring that video games reach a global audience and resonate with players within the region being targeted. Localization involves adapting the game's language, culture, and visuals to suit the target audience, making it more accessible and enjoyable to play. With the global gaming industry continuing to grow, game localization is becoming increasingly important in reaching new markets and building a loyal fanbase.


At Tomedes, every game localization project is approached comprehensively. We consider cultural, linguistic, and visual differences among various audiences. Our professional localization team works closely with game developers to ensure that the game's story, characters, and gameplay are accurately adapted to suit the target market. We use advanced localization tools and techniques to ensure consistency and quality throughout the localization process and provide ongoing support to clients to ensure their satisfaction.

A Game Localization Company You Can Trust

Accurate Story Adaptation

Our game localization specialists work closely with game developers to ensure that the game's story is accurately adapted to suit the target market, including cultural references and humor.

Expert Gameplay Translation

Our team of professional translators have a deep understanding of gaming terminology and mechanics, ensuring that the game's gameplay is accurately translated and remains enjoyable to play.

Visual Adaptation Expertise

We adapt game visuals to suit the target market's preferences and cultural norms, including character design, color schemes, and UI elements, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience.

Quality and Consistency

We use advanced localization tools and techniques to ensure consistency and quality throughout the localization process, delivering a high-quality game that meets or exceeds the client's expectations.

Ongoing Client Support

We provide ongoing support to clients throughout the game localization process, including consultation, project management, and post-delivery support, ensuring their satisfaction.

Competitive Pricing

Our game localization services are priced competitively and offer a high return on investment, helping game developers expand their reach and grow their business.

Benefits of Localizing Every Game Component

Properly localizing every component of your game is the key to a successful campaign. Tomedes guarantees to give attention to every single detail of your game – language, visuals, cultural nuances, to name a few. Our developers can tailor experiences based on your target region. This holistic approach not only addresses legal and technical aspects but also promotes better understanding and acceptance among users.

  • checkIn-game Dialogue
  • checkAudio voice-overs
  • checkGraphics images
  • checkCultural appeal
  • checkGame mechanics
  • checkLegal compliance
  • checkMarketing materials
  • checkRating reviews
  • checkPost-launch support

Available in Any and All Platforms

In addition to ensuring that video games are available across various platforms, game localization involves several crucial elements which are specific to each platform/s. Our seasoned localization team and our adequate technical team allows us to work with any platform/s your game is designed for.


PC gaming offers extensive customization options, which can impact translation and localization. Due to this configurability, our localization team ensures that every translated and localized asset accurately presents the gaming experience as intended by the developers.

Console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.)

Console gaming platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, have more consistent hardware and software environments. We make sure that we follow each console manufacturer's set of guidelines and certification processes when localizing.

Mobile (iOS, Android)

Mobile gaming presents unique challenges for translation and localization due to the sheer variety of devices, screen sizes, resolutions, and operating systems. We ensure that translations are optimized for readability and user experience on a wide range of devices.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming creates highly immersive experiences, which adds complexity to translation and localization efforts. We ensure that translated content maintains the intended level of immersion and that cultural differences do not detract from the experience.

Only the Best Video Game Localization Service for You

High-quality localization and translation are the cornerstone of successfully globalizing video games. We offer a range of specialized practices to meet the unique needs of each project. With native expert translators akin to multiple languages and cultures, our top-tier localization ensures a seamless experience for both players and developers alike.

  • checkCultural Adaptation
  • checkText Expansion/Contraction
  • checkCharacter Encoding
  • checkQuality Assurance (QA) Testing
  • checkRegion-Specific Ratings and Legal Compliance
  • checkIn-Game Asset Localization
  • checkMarketing and Promotional Material.
  • checkDocumentation and Support

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