Star Trek Language Now Available on Bing Translator

May 15, 2013

By Ofer Tirosh


Everyone knows you can use online translators if you need a simple phrase translated from English to Spanish, French or even more uncommon languages. But Klingon? Yep, that’s right – Bing translator now offers the option of translating phrases, words and sentences into the Star Trek language of Klingon. The Bing Klingon translator went live on May 14. 

Recently Microsoft partnered with Paramount Pictures to make the Star Trek language available on the online translator. The move is part of a tie in for the latest Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Bing translator software will translate 41 different languages into Klingon phrases and vice versa using the simple click of a button.  For example, now if you ever find yourself in outer space you can easily translate the phrase "nuqDaq 'oH puchpa' 'e'" ("Where is the bathroom") .

Eric Adeen is a Microsoft engineer who speaks fluent Klingon and the software was designed with his help. The software team also features a number of other Star Trek fans. 

"We have people who understand the deep science of linguistics and we also have people who are passionate about the Star Trek franchise. This was a labour of love from a lot of different avenues," Craig Beilinson, director of communications for Bing recently stated.

The Bing translator featuring the Klingon translations can be found online at



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