Speech recognition software improvment in the next Xbox version

April 09, 2013

By Ofer Tirosh


We’ve Got a Rumor For Xbox Lovers

So pretty much everyone thought Xbox Kinect’s arm waving shenanigans were cool, but rumor has it Microsoft is working on improving the speech recognition software for the latest and greatest.

Reports from The Verge state that the next version of Xbox will support speech to text and natural language controls.  The current Xbox Kinect can only recognize simple pre-programmed speech software, which makes it difficult if not impossible for Xbox to pick up on more complex sentences or questions. 

Rumor has it, the next Xbox may allow users to ask things such as “What are my friends playing?” and the system would automatically bring up a friends list. 

The real excitement for gamers lies in more games starting to support voice commands.  As of right now, only a few select games have voice control and recognition built in. The full rumor report can be found on http://www.webpronews.com/next-xbox-to-feature-greatly-improved-speech-recognition-rumor-2013-02


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