Proofreading Emails Is So Overrated

April 17, 2013

By Ofer Tirosh


Have you ever sent an e-mail to your boss or a client before proofreading only to regret it seconds later? In the business world, a small grammatical error or typo can leave you feeling inadequate. But thanks to a new service from TextMaster, proofreading is so last year.

LOOP is a new tool that allows people to use proofreading and email translation services nearly on demand. LOOP users only need to send an e-mail with their text to a specified e-mail address and it will be returned usually within minutes with either the proper translation or with grammatical errors corrected.  The return time obviously depends on the complexity of the message, but TextMaster claims that most are returned within minutes.

Better yet, the service is relatively affordable. For translations, the LOOP service starts at less than two cents per word and one cent per word for proofreading. Given that the average email is only about 100 words, this gives businesses the ability to double check their e-mails for under a couple dollars each.

While some linguists may that this is a horrible idea and that it would be nearly impossible for the emails to be returned so quickly, it could work well for those lousy spellers at the office. For the full article about this e-mail proofreading service, check out the story here. 


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