Having a dictionary handy on your phone

June 05, 2013

By Ofer Tirosh

Having a dictionary handy on your phone is the next generation equivalent of having a pocket dictionary. For quick, on the fly definition questions having a dictionary app on your smartphone is the easiest way to go.

One of the most popular dictionary apps is the Dictionary.com app and their app for iPad is now bigger and better, with even more words added. This follows the update for both the premium and free editions of the app that took place last March.

The most recent update was for the premium, ad free version of the dictionary.com app. The app also includes the entries on thesaurus.com. The new app also includes a rhyming dictionary with over half a million rhymes. 

A few of the new words in the dictionary are “mankini,” “quantitative easing,” and “prepone, among many others. The app costs $4.99 as a new app or it’s free for users who already have a previous paid version. 

A full overview of some of the best dictionary apps for the English language can be found on the AppAdvice.com website. 

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