Quality at Every Step: The Tomedes Guarantee

At Tomedes, ensuring that our clients are satisfied with our work is not just a passion, but an obsession. This is why we have continuously strived to bring the quality of our language services up to exacting, institutionally-recognized global standards. With 95,000+ clients served and a 98% satisfaction rate, we can confidently say that we have the foundation to provide you with services of the highest quality, every single time.

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ISO 9001ISO 17100ISO 18578

Fully ISO-Certified

Our commitment to quality is recognized by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. ISO is the highest authoritative body in developing global industry standards and bestowing accreditation on companies and institutions that meet them around the world.

Tomedes is fully ISO-certified in three categories relevant to language service providers. Read here to learn more.

Our three-part
approach toquality assurance

At Tomedes, we believe that the pursuit of quality requires a holistic perspective. Quality is something that can only be gained by seeking it at every step of the process—in line with this principle, we take a three-part approach to quality assurance that covers not only the duration of the project, but also what comes before and after.

Comprehensive vendor management process

Before the project has even begun, we already set the stage for quality through rigorous and comprehensive vendor management. Our vendor management team has scouted some of the best linguistic talent out there, creating our network of 20,000+ language professionals with a diverse repertoire of language skills and professional backgrounds.

This allows us to vet and select the right people for your project with accuracy and ease. Each one has been carefully verified with appropriate background checks to attest their qualifications and routine skill tests to determine the quality of their work.

Our project  quality assurance cycle

Attention to quality is maintained in our language projects through the QA cycle proper. Our standard QA process involves multiple automated and human checks before the final documents are handed back to the client. We use top-of-the-line language QA management tools like xBench as well as our own proprietary tools to conduct automated checks and manage revisions.

Our full QA suite includes options for further review by another language professional. You can view the entire process below:

1. Translation

  • Step completion

2. QA Checks

  • Tech team runs automated QA checks (in-CAT or external tools such as Xbench)
  • Translation is bounced back to the linguists if necessary, to make sure only False Positives are left

3. Review

  • The translation is sent for Review to check instructions compliance (non- translatables, TB, Style, Glossary, etc.)

4. Review (Optional)

  • The translation is sent to an external proofreader or editor

5. Automated QA Check

  • Run by tech team (in-CAT or external tools such as Xbench)

6. LQA (Optional)

  • The translation is sent to an external proofreader or editor

7. Hand back to the PM

  • That runs a final check to see project adherence

We believe that a commitment to quality is a commitment to learning and growth. QA is an iterative process, and as such, our language professionals undergo routine audits of their work and are given regular feedback to ensure that they’re able to stay on top of their game from project to project.

1-year guarantee

Our commitment to quality does not end with the completion of the project. We expect nothing less than perfection in language to satisfy our discerning clients, which is why Tomedes provides its clients with a one-year guarantee for all language projects. Any errors you may find during this period will be dealt with promptly at no additional cost.

What does our comprehensivequality policy allow us to do?

Approaching QA with an excellent foundation helps us to consistently provide our clients with next-level service. Our quality standards continually elevate our work, which is why we believe that a successful approach to quality must be holistic and operate at all points, at all levels of our service.

More than translation:expertise in a wide range of sectors and industries

At Tomedes we strive to go above and beyond in terms of the language services we provide. This is why our network is composed of language professionals from a diverse range of industry backgrounds.Apart from their linguistic talents, they bring specialist knowledge and experience that helps them work with complicated concepts or industry jargon with ease.

Quality translations in120 languagesand 950+ language pairs

Consistency is difficult to replicate when working with language specialists in over a hundred languages, but our quality policy ensures that we are working with the most reliable professionals who place the same value on quality as we do.We trust our people to put out work worthy of the Tomedes guarantee.

Quality in every
interaction and 950+ language pairs

We know we provide language services of the highest quality, which is why we can approach every interaction with confidence. Every assurance we provide is backed by years of success operating on the principle of pursuing holistic quality.We hope to pass that confidence on to you, our valued clients, to give you the best experience with Tomedes as your partner in language.

What you can expect from us

  • Quality translations with the human touch
  • Over 120 Languages and 950+ language pairs
  • Real-time interpretation for events, trade shows, seminars and more
  • Quick results, within 24 hours
  • QA and LQA
  • One-Year Guarantee on all projects
  • Constant customer-centric focus and feedback

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