The 13 Weird New Additions to the Dictionary

December 03, 2012

By Ofer Tirosh

The Collins Dictionary is a free online dictionary that likes to keep its word selection up to date. That explains why the dictionary recently added 13 weird new words.  The new entries come from a feature the site enabled over the summer. The Collins site added a “word submission” feature, which allows users to submit their word entries for review. Have you ever heard of these 13 words?

1)Blootered. It means to be drunk or intoxicated in Scottish slang.

2)Fandabidozi. This apparently refers to an expression of admiration or enthusiasm.

3)Frape. When something is tightly bound.

4)Floordrobe. This is the pile of clothes that’s left on the floor. (How many of us have this at home?)

5)Gazang.  When the seller of a house puts out the buyer by withdrawing the sell offer shortly before the sale closes. 

6)Hangry. When someone feels angry due to being hungry.

7)Laymanize. To simplify something so ordinary people can understand it. (Think ‘laymans terms’)

8)Oojamaflip. What you call something when you temporarily forget its name.

9)Squadoosh. Nothing. (That’s literally the definition).

10)Bang tidy. Something of exceptionally good quality.

11)Verbal diarrhea. When someone speaks at excessive length. (Don’t we all know people who do this?)

12)Zhoosh. To make something more exciting, lively or attractive.

13)Amazeballs. An expression of enthusiastic approval.

Alex Brown, the director of Collins Free Online Dictionary, said he likes to keep his ear “close to the ground”, hence the new additions. He can say that again. You definitely wouldn’t find these words in your standard boring old dictionary. Then again, who uses boring old dictionaries anymore?


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