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At Tomedes, we are committed to delivering language translation services that go beyond words and phrases. You can expect us to deliver high-quality solutions for a wide range of industries. We are available by phone or online 24/7 for even the most urgent translation needs. Our comprehensive document translation solutions should help you expand and navigate the greater global market.

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Translation Services You Can Trust

Count on Tomedes to Deliver High-Quality Services Every Time

With Tomedes, you can be sure every translation we provide meets the highest standards around. We are proud members of the American Translators Association, and our foreign language translation services are ISO certified. Plus, you can count on us any time of the day, with our 24/7 customer support online.

American Translators<br />Association

American Translators

Accredited member of the American Translator’s Association

ISO 17100:2015<br />Translation Services

ISO 17100:2015
Translation Services

Translation services that adhere to international standards

Available Online<br />24/7

Available Online

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Human Translation Services by Experts

Build Genuine Connections With Translations by Humans for Humans

At Tomedes, we understand that nothing is more essential than relaying your message to the world. Human translation services are the best way to go about this because they rely on life and language experience to communicate the subtleties of your source text to a larger audience.
Because we understand that the most precious relationships are built on trust, you can rely on us to provide complete transparency every step of the translation process. What’s our main goal? Ensuring your meaning goes beyond linguistic and cultural borders to reach the people you need. We look forward to working with you.

A Translation Process with You in Mind

Our commitment to affordable and quality professional document translations has prompted us at Tomedes to optimize our translation workflow while still applying the very best translation practices in the industry. This includes working with expert human translators, linguists, and project managers ensuring quality every step of the way.

      Identify Client Requirements

      Identify Client Requirements

      Our account manager will identify the needed resources for your translation project.



      Our professional human translator will translate your source text into the target language.



      Our proofreader will establish that there is terminological and linguistic accuracy throughout your target text.



      Our editor will verify stylistic and grammatical guidelines relevant to your target audience.



      Our linguist will check to confirm the final output of your translation is the very best that it can be.



      Once we have made sure steps one to five are completed and approved, our project managers will deliver your project to you.

Document Translation Services for Your Every Need

What is the purpose of your translation?

  • Legal

  • Medical

  • Financial

  • Marketing

  • Technical

  • General Business


Whether you’re a law firm working with international clients or a website owner navigating international compliance, we specialize in the exacting and meticulous process of ensuring your project meets the standards for your target audience.

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Document Translations That Adapt to Any Medium

We support any medium you may need to transform for your global audience. Tomedes can quickly and efficiently deliver expertly translated text in hard copy form, PDF files, website content, apps, software, and more. And if you need to incorporate your content into multiple media, we are here to serve you. This means we can adapt your translated documents to one or several media so your content is geared-up on all fronts.



      Years of experience has allowed us to provide affordable yet high-quality translations that can be delivered in both hard and digital copy. Any handwritten documents can be easily transformed, too: just take a photo and send it our way.



      Tomedes examines the intricacies of language, standards for optimal user experience, and methods for successful international reach to deliver completely outstanding content pertinent for your industry. So, you are guaranteed an affordable translation with a global reach every time.



      Tomedes’ translators possess the special skills required to transform audio and visual content so your message can be fully received by followers all around. You can count on us to accurately translate any type of audiovisual content.

Translate into 120+ Languages

There is almost no language Tomedes cannot handle, thanks to our network of native translators from around the world. Among the languages we work with, the most common are:

How we Hire Translators

Tomedes’ human translators are hired following a rigorous process that evaluates linguistic skill of both the source and target language as well as their understanding of the compatible cultures. Our vendor management team moreover assesses the specific industry knowledge of each language provider through strict guidelines and continuous terminological reviews. This process ensures all our translators are committed linguists who have the abilities and drive to deliver quality translations for all your language needs. Meet our translators from all over the world today.

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Relay your words with efficiency, accuracy, and cultural relevance every time with Tomedes’ affordable translation services.

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4.9 out of 5 Aggregate Rating

Tomedes is proud to be a recognized leader in the translation industry, and we go that extra mile to stay that way. By reading our translation service reviews, you will see that our main priority is and always will be you.


"Tomedes works exceptionally well"

Tomedes works exceptionally well, responds immediately, delivers translations on time (or even earlier!) and is very helpful everytime.

Maria José Guíñez

Communication Analyst



"Best translation service used!"

It's a pleasure working with them, always quick in response and very kind. 24/7 service ensures accommodating to your crazy schedules.

Denisse Best


NBC Universal Media LLC


“Great service!"

It is always a pleasure to work with Tomedes.

Noa Pitlik

Content and Localisation Leader

Decathlon Israel

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Establishments worldwide have learned to count on Tomedes thanks to our wide range of knowledge and consistent aims towards excellence. Our years of dedication and commitment to every project has led us to work hand-in-hand with Fortune 500 companies as well as small-to-medium businesses all around the globe.

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