More Powerful Human Translation App Recently Released

April 22, 2013

By Ofer Tirosh


VerbalizeIt recently released an upgrade to their human powered translation application. It’s the first app of it’s kind and it provides real live human translators for two people having a conversation in different languages. 

The app was born from the stories of people experiencing problems with language barriers when speaking to people of different languages, and now the app features 3500 translators in more than 75 countries. The app provides real time phone and internet access to the translators. 

“We’re thrilled to release version 2.0 of our app. VerbalizeIt began from stories of personal trauma with language barriers and now we’re ensuring that people are helping people break those barriers anywhere in the world at any time. Emotions, local customs and terminology are the characteristics that matter most in global translation,” says Ryan Frankel, CEO of the company. “Computer solutions overlook the most important fact in a global economy—humans still matter.” 

This app provides a human solution for a real problem, especially whilst people are traveling abroad and trying to speak to people in the new environment. Internet based automatic translators don’t always do the trick. VerbalizeIt is a good solution when someone needs a translation on the fly and an auto translator just won’t do. 



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