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Tomedes offers holistic, end-to-end localization services for any domain. Leveraging expertise across diverse industries and languages, we assure top-tier campaigns to enhance user engagement. We ensure that your brand and content resonates. 150+ languages. 24/7 customer support. Get a free quote today.

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What is Localization ? Why Do You Need It?

Localization goes beyond translation to adapt content to a specific market or culture, considering factors such as attitudes, norms, and customs. As an institution expands there the need to localize arises in order to better cater for their new stakeholders.


Common goals of localization initiatives include enhancing user experience, ensuring cultural appropriateness of content, and expanding market reach. Through localization, institutions are allowed not only to speak their audience’s language, but also to connect with said audience more effectively.


Why Should You Partner with a Professional Localization Provider?

Working with a professional localization provider ensures accuracy and appropriateness, thereby avoiding costly mistakes. Working with experienced professionals enhances user experience and engagement; elevates global reputation; and facilitates effective communication.

End-to-End Localization Services for Any Domain

Our expertise encompasses an all-encompassing range of sectors, offering thorough adaptation strategies that enhance user engagement across diverse platforms. Whether it's an interactive multimedia or an intuitive app, we've got you covered.


Comprehensive Language Solutions for Every Need

One-Stop Shop for Comprehensive Solutions

We offer holistic localization services for any industry. We got you covered every step of the way – from development to marketing campaigns.

Seamless Integration of Technologies and Platforms

We utilize the best latest  technologies and platforms. We combine our best human translators and tech experts to cater for any need.

Rigorous Quality Testing

We implement strict quality testing protocols, ensuring localized content maintains accuracy and cultural relevance – allowing your brand to resonate with your stakeholders.

Data-driven and Scalable Approach

We offer scalable solutions that tackle your most pressing concerns and sets you up for future success.

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Why Choose Our Multi-Step Localization Process

Step 1:  Your project is assigned to our highly experienced project managers that’ll assist you every step of the way. We assemble a team, set up a dashboard for monitoring, and more.


Step 2: We draft seasoned localization professionals that best suit your domain. They ensure that all your assets align with your target audience’s cultural preferences.


Step 3: With your approval, we proceed with extracting your content – employing the most efficient technologies available. We can even manually extract content should the situation calls for it.


Step 4: We lay out a timeline and a strategy based on your assets. Upon evaluation, we will tailor the messages and experiences that best fit your clientele – all while keeping you brand essence intact.


Step 5: After a content has been finalized (edited and proofread), we then consolidate your assets into the proper file formats. At this point, the consolidated assets can be turned over for review.


Step 6: While you review the content that we sent over, we work on the graphics that’ll accompany your content and layout assets accordingly. Should you see fit, Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Graphic Design can be done before you’re provided with drafts.

Step 7: We run rounds of linguistic and quality testing. This is a standard for our localization services. More that ensuring high-quality outputs, rigorous testing allows us and the client to identify facets that can be improved on in the near future.

Comprehensive Language Solutions for Every Need

DTP and Graphic Design

Craft aesthetic visuals and compelling designs tailored to your target market, harmonizing language and visuals for impactful brand presentation.

UI/UX Enhancement

We enhance user interface and user experience, ensuring intuitive and culturally relevant navigation for your global audiences.

Software Localization

At Tomedes, we implement best-in-class tech practices for software localization, incorporating internationalization and globalization strategies.

Localized Marketing Messages

Craft compelling, culturally attuned marketing messages that resonate with your target audience, boosting engagement and conversion rates.

Localize for 150+ Languages and Cultures

Our services empower businesses and non-profit organizations to connect more effectively with their target locale. These languages and cultures include:


Here are some common questions clients ask us:

What are the most common localization examples?


How long does a usual localization campaign take?

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