Greek Translation of Motivational Speech

April 27, 2013

By Ofer Tirosh


Greek translation requests aren’t new to Tomedes. But recently we faced the new task of translating a Greek motivational speech for a Greek key note speaker.  The translation required a duo of our best Greek translators to ensure that the proper message was being translated for the speech.  We were able to provide a quick turnaround time and the client’s speech was a big hit with his audience.

Greek Translations

Our team of professional translators are skilled at translations in Greek, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic and most other major languages. Our translators have years of experience in professional translations and work to keep our clients happy during every step of the translation process.

Our team of translators frequently translate an array of documents into Greek such as legal documents, job resumes, divorce decrees, tattoos, HR paperwork, web content, press releases, marketing plans and more. 


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