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Providing the best possible care requires open communication between patients and providers. Tomedes' healthcare translation services improve patient outcomes by overcoming communication barriers. We offer medical interpreting by native-speaking medical professionals. Our empathetic approach makes us one of the best medical translation service providers in the industry. Get a free quote today.

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Accurate Medical Translations – Supporting Healthcare Providers and Medical Establishments Worldwide

Tomedes’ medical translation services hand healthcare providers and patients alike the tools needed to bridge language gaps within the medical domain. With over 150 languages and 950 language pairs to choose from, you can focus on your objective of quality care.

Tomedes executes medical language translation services with utmost precision and professionalism. Our network of certified translators specializes in healthcare translation, ensuring technical accuracy and cultural sensitivity for global patient care and research.

Why Tomedes Is the Answer for Quality Medical Translation

HIPAA Compliant

Patient privacy is at the very heart of Tomedes’ commitments. We adhere to strict confidentiality policies and data processing regulations to ensure full HIPAA compliance for all your medical translations.

Medical Domain Experts

To guarantee 100% accuracy for all your medical translation needs, Tomedes works exclusively with native linguists who have experience in the medical domain. Our translators’ knowledge of the intricacies of the field ensures terminological precision without fail.

Fast Turnaround Time

When it comes to medical document translation services, there is no time to wait around. Tomedes works with healthcare translators around the world so you can be sure of rapid services and a quick delivery for the most urgent of projects.

24/7 Support and Project Management

Tomedes knows that your medical translation needs don’t stop at the end of the workday. Our support team and project management personnel are available around the clock to ensure you are fully guided throughout the entire process.

Medical Translation and Localization for All Medical Materials

You can count on Tomedes to deliver impeccable certified medical translation for anything within the medical domain. We translate and certify any kind of document required for the healthcare field and also offer comprehensive localization services to cover software, apps, and medical devices.

Contact Us Anytime, Anywhere

The client has always been at the heart of Tomedes’ corporate philosophy, which is why we have cost-effective medical translation prices. We guarantee 15-minute response to quote and project inquiries, 24/7 support, and a full-year accuracy warranty on each project.

Medical Document Translations With a 1 Year Guarantee

As part of our commitment to you, Tomedes includes in its quality policy a 1-year guarantee. So do not hesitate to contact us if later down the line you realize you need adjustments for any of your medical document translations.

Certified Medical Translation Services Fit For Any Translation Project

With three ISO certifications, Tomedes meets the highest standards in place for your medical translation project. Our dedication to excellence is recognized by this stamp of international authority.

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ISO 9001:2015Quality Management Systems

ISO 17100:2015Translation Services Quality

ISO 18587:2017Post-editing Machine Translation Output

Industries That Usually Require Our Medical Language Service

Establishments worldwide turn to Tomedes for an array of medical language services thanks to our wide range of knowledge and aim for expertise. We have a robust roster of translators in healthcare.  Here are just some of the industries we work with:


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Medical Interpreting Services: Providing Improved Access To Care For Non-Native Speakers

Medical interpreting services can help diverse patients feel more at ease and receive better care by ensuring they are able to communicate with providers as effectively as their native-speaking counterparts. Tomedes' highly skilled medical interpreters allow people to fully understand their diagnosis, get questions answered, and provide informed consent for treatment. Not only does medical interpretation improve the patient experience, it also protects healthcare workers and facilities from liability arising from miscommunication.

Are you in need of remote services for your medical language service needs? Tomedes offers on-demand over-the-phone interpreting for healthcare professionals, medical institutions, and patients worldwide.


Here are some common questions clients ask us:

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What is the difference between a medical translator and interpreter?


Are there government entities that provide free healthcare and medical language services?

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