Blind Student Received Expensive Braille Dictionary as a Gift

April 23, 2013

By Ofer Tirosh


Blind Student Received Expensive Braille Dictionary as a Gift

Gaetono Williams, a blind student at Watkins Glen Elementary School, recently received an expensive gift from his local Rotary and Lions Clubs.  Williams is his schools only blind student and said he was getting bored with his weekly spelling words and needed more of a challenge.

His mother, a single work from home mom of three, couldn’t afford to purchase him a Braille dictionary on her own, so the school reached out to the local Rotary and Lions clubs for help. 

The 14-volume Braille dictionary made the third grader very happy and he said, “This is great.”

The Rotary Club typically donates dictionaries to third graders each year. “This year, the Watkins Glen principal, Rod Weeden, called and said, ‘We have a blind student. What do you think about donating a braille dictionary.’ We were very on board with that,” said Rotary President Michelle Benjamin.

This is the first time the two clubs have collaborated on a cause and many said it was a good match. The Rotary club normally donates dictionaries and the Lions club spends a lot of time on eyesight causes. 

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