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Tomedes offers industry-focused translations backed by a wide network of language professionals from diverse sectors. We make sure to match you with the right translator for your industry’s needs.

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We at Tomedes have made the effort to recruit language professionals with backgrounds in a wide range of industries. This is to ensure that the translator assigned to your project has the appropriate knowledge and expertise to exceed your expectations in terms of quality and efficiency every time.


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To guarantee your article or findings consistently meet the requirements set by authorities for academic publishing, we work with linguists and researchers who possess deep knowledge in your scholarly subject. Our attention to detail and commitment to accuracy are a guiding light every step of the way, making our academic translation services grade A.



Language plays an important role in the global automotive industry at all points. From manufacturing to marketing, our translations always go the extra mile for you. We pay particular attention to the stipulations set by foreign bodies within the automotive sector to ensure technical accuracy and cultural pertinence for your target every single time.



Our aviation translations are just the ticket to help you soar. At Tomedes, we hold the technical knowledge required for the industry so you can always be sure you’re on top. This expertise encompasses the fields of engineering, physics, mechanics, security, and much more to guarantee a comprehensive language solution for any of your aviation needs.



We translate your financial records and reports with a bookkeeper’s precision. No detail goes unnoticed, and no number is left unturned with our banking and finance translations. Performed by recognized specialists in the financial domain and professional native linguists, every one of our translations is as solid and secure as the vaults of a Swiss bank.



A little bit of this, a little bit of that: we blend our knowledge in the domain with comprehensive linguistic expertise to deliver chemical translations that help shape the future of the industry. No matter the complexity of the subject, our translators are sure to deliver a quick, efficient, and 100% accurate solution for your chemical industry demands.



We take the time to study your target market in depth and understand its specific wants and needs to create completely localized and optimal content. Going above and beyond to fully engage your audience is one of our unyielding promises for all our ecommerce translations. This service includes product descriptions, payment processes, newsletters, and more.


Electronic Products

We help your brand step it up a gear with our efficient and terminologically accurate translations. Our linguists are experts in the industry of electrical products to always guarantee the very highest of standards. For Tomedes, terminological accuracy and cultural precision are also key in order to ensure your translation is the best that it can be.


Energy, Oil, and Gas

Meeting linguistic challenges related to extraction, production, and transportation across foreign territories can be easily resolved with our expert energy, oil, and gas translations. We possess the terminological and linguistic knowledge to provide language solutions for assessments, charts, reports, permits, and more for authorities around the globe.



Give your brand the boost you need to receive international recognition and become a go-to label. We make sure our translations are always in season by closely following the latest trends within the world of fashion. Tomedes’ creativity, passion, and devotion to precision unite to create a language solution that is fully adapted to your target market.


Food, Drink, Recipes

Nothing beats language as a medium of cultural exchange—except maybe food. We are here to give you the best of both. Passion for gastronomy is an inherent part of our process. From mouthwatering recipe translations to terminologically accurate food and drink descriptions, we have all the ingredients to create the perfect recipe for your language solution.



Translate your games into multiple languages and reach a gamerbase of billions. We are your player two as we go above and beyond to perfectly relay the entirety of your gaming content. Your goal of a fully integrated experience is guaranteed, as our gaming translations include storytelling, dialogue, rules and regulations, and even interactive scripts.



Whether translating public documents or the latest government reports and bulletins, our translations are here to help you cut through the red tape. Our professional translators are native in the target language and possess a myriad of experiences within the domain to deliver the language solution you need for both local and international authoritative bodies.



When life is on the line, there’s no room for mistakes. Our translations for the medical industry are done with surgical care and precision by expert linguists. We also rely on cutting-edge technology, professionally updated glossaries, and feedback from specialists in the healthcare domain to ensure your healthcare translation is exactly what you need.



Words hold power, especially the word of law. Our legal specialists help you navigate its complexities in different languages and jurisdictions. You can count on us to provide solutions that are accepted by legal authorities in countries all across the globe. Individuals and companies alike are guaranteed full support for whatever the legal requirement.


Life Sciences

From research papers to regulatory compliance documents, your translation project will be placed in the hands of specialists in the life sciences discipline. We work hand-in-hand with experts in biology, zoology, anatomy, botany, genetics, neuroscience, and other specialist domains to deliver terminologically precise translations for a wide variety of needs.



Only the best in life, only the best in language. We set the bar for translations in high retail and marketing that truly sell the jet-setter’s dream. Our linguists’ creativity, passion, and precision are instrumental elements to the success of our luxury brand and lifestyle translations. We transform your content into the paradise of your target’s dreams.



Expand the production of your goods and reach new heights on the international market with the help of linguistic experts in the manufacturing industry. We follow you every step of the way with our complete manufacturing translations to ensure you have all the tools you need to make your mark on the global scene. Cross-industry expertise is also guaranteed.



Broadcast your message to the world and keep up with the language demands of the fast-paced media industry. You can turn to us for any kind of media translation you need, whether it be print, digital, or social. Speed, efficiency, and accuracy define the process of our language solution, so you are able to connect you with your audience all over the world.



Highly secure translations done with military precision for armed forces and security firms. Our native translators benefit from a wealth of experience in the military sector to provide for you content that strictly adheres to your demands. With our professional language solutions delivered whenever you need them, we at Tomedes are ready to serve you.



Translations for the pharmaceutical industry done with high accuracy and precision. We possess comprehensive knowledge in a broad range of scientific disciplines like chemistry, biology, health economics, and more. We pledge as expert linguists to create for you a solution that tends to your target and makes sure all your content is fully comprehended.



You can hit your target with ease thanks to our sports translation services. Stats, contracts, and training courses are just a few of the subjects we transform to help you reach your goals. All our sports translators are specialists in the field, so we know the rules of the game and exactly what it takes for you to become a major international name.



We help you stay at the forefront of cutting-edge developments. Communicate your innovation in the best possible way to the rest of the world with our fast, efficient, and cost-effective technology translations. Our professional linguists possess exhaustive knowledge about the technology sector and maintain an understanding of its evermoving trends.



Let your message be heard loud and clear with our telecommunications translations. Accurate, efficient, and speedy services guaranteed by experts in the industry. Our network of native translators transmit your meaning to audiences around the globe, paying special attention to linguistic and cultural particularities to ensure it is fully received.



By exploring the linguistic and cultural characteristics that define your target audience, our tourism translations help open up your world. Expanding your brand onto the international scene is a breeze for our professional linguists specialized in the travel domain. We adapt to the needs and wants of your public, so you are sure to reach them every time.


Transport and Logistics

You are ensured smooth sailing for the expansion of your brand with our high-quality transport and logistics translations. Native linguists with complete industry knowledge are here to sign, seal, and deliver your message on time. You can count on us to provide fast and accurate translations that adhere to rules and regulations all around the globe.


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The client has always been at the heart of Tomedes’ corporate philosophy, which is why we have cost-effective translation prices. We guarantee 15-minute response to quote and project inquiries, 24/7 support, and a full-year accuracy warranty on each project.

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