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Tomedes provides urgent translation services and rush translation services for clients around the world, for business translation and personal translations

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Urgent translation is one of Tomedes’ most requested translation services. Rush translation jobs arise for a whole range of reasons and Tomedes is here to ensure that short deadlines can be complied with.


We all try to plan ahead in order to operate our businesses as smoothly as possible, but sometimes events overtake us. This can lead to tasks stacking up, perhaps due to an excessive workload, a new project or a change of strategy. Suddenly the need to have your documents translated becomes urgent – and that’s when Tomedes is able to help.


More Than Just Speed

We realize that speed should not compromise translation quality. Our commitment to accuracy is unwavering, regardless of whether the project timeline is 24 hours or 24 days.

High Quality

Quality begins with our translator selection. Rapid delivery ensures accuracy, upheld by meticulous quality checks. With our quality policies, we consistently meet and exceed industry standards.


24/7 Availability

Our global network of native translators enables us to offer 24/7 translations for major languages. Similarly, our customer support is continually available, ready to cater to your post-translation needs anytime, anywhere.

Affordable Pricing

Urgent translations need not break the bank. We work relentlessly to optimize our workflows, offering competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our services.

Confidential and Secure

Our platform ensures ease of use without neglecting security. We respect the sensitive nature of your content, ensuring stringent data protection measures and mandatory NDAs for our translators.

Get an Instant Quote for Your Urgent Translation Needs

We provide an instant quote service on our website, so right from the outset you can get the information you need quickly and efficiently. We also offer a live web chat service, so that you can immediately speak to a member of our team if you have questions regarding your urgent translation.

Certified Urgent Translations for Your Immigration Requirements

In the intricate process of immigration, myriad documents - ranging from personal identification to legal certificates and records - often necessitate urgent, accurate translation to navigate administrative hurdles effectively.


Other Documents That Require Urgent Translation Services

Legal Documents

These include contracts, court documents, or affidavits that may be required urgently for a legal proceeding.

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News Content

News content, due to its time-sensitive nature, often requires swift translation. We provide efficient translation services to keep up with the pace of today's globalized news cycle.

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Medical Documents

In cases of medical emergencies or for international medical treatment, patients' records, prescriptions, and doctor's notes may need quick translation

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Business Materials

Proposals, reports, presentations, and business plans often require immediate translation, especially if they are for an urgent meeting or decision-making process.

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Academic Documents

For students applying for overseas education, documents such as transcripts, degrees, and recommendation letters may require fast translation services.

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Technical Texts

If a piece of machinery or technology is imported and requires immediate use, the technical manual may need to be translated promptly.

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Marketing Materials

If a company is launching a product or a campaign in a new market, the related marketing and advertising materials may need swift translation.

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Financial Documents

Urgent translation may be required for financial statements, tax reports, and audit reports, especially during an acquisition, merger, or other critical financial transactions.

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Here are some common questions clients ask us:

How fast can you deliver an urgent translation?


What formats can you accept for urgent translations?


What languages do you provide urgent translation services for?


Is the quality of an urgent translation as good as a non-urgent one?

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