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Unlock the full potential of your video game with Tomedes' top-notch gaming translation services. We bridge language barriers, providing authentic translations for in-game text and marketing materials. Our expert translators ensure your game resonates with players worldwide. Level up your game today with our video game translation!

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Gaming has become one of the largest industries in the world, with revenues reaching $200 billion worldwide. The demand for gaming has spread internationally, with rapidly growing gaming communities in countries as different as Germany, South Korea, Mexico, and Japan. This creates huge profit opportunities for gaming companies to market their product in foreign countries.


We offer professional gaming translation services for all game developing companies that want to seize this opportunity. Our game translation services are provided by a global pool of highly qualified video game translators. Our video game translators are gamers themselves and understand the world of gaming very well; they are familiar with the technical terms and lingo used in the gaming industry in various countries.

Our Gaming Translation Services Include:

We provide gaming translation services for all aspects of your game. Our translators specialize in technical gaming translation for seamless documentation handling. With us, your game is set for success in any language.

In-Game Text

Here’s where our game translation service truly shines. Send us all of the text to be translated into your game, and not only will we translate it, but we will also make sure that every word tells your game’s story faithfully and enhances the gaming experience.

Promo & Marketing

Our video game translations don’t stop with just the games themselves. We also have translators who are marketing specialists, ready to turn up the hype for gamers all across the world.

Technical Gaming Translation

Developing a game involves code, and code involves documentation. This is no problem for our technical gaming translation specialists, who will cut through the documentation easily, no cheat codes required!

No Language Fails, Only Wins

You want your game to become iconic, but not for the wrong reasons. A bad translation can ruin a game, no matter how good the story it is telling in the original language. With Tomedes, you can be sure of highly polished professional language work that won’t land you in an article on the list of Top 10 Worst Game Localizations!

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Other Language Solutions For the Gaming Industry


Need voice-overs in multiple languages? Our talented voice artists are here to give your game a human touch through their professional voice acting


In addition to voice-overs, subtitling provides additional accessibility to gamers through text. Our professional subtitlers are definitely up for the challenge.

UI Localization

With the help of our UI and localization experts, you can port your games into other languages without worrying about how different languages might wreak havoc on your game’s design.

The Game Translation Service to Beat

We understand that a good video game translator is worth their weight in gold. We make the effort to recruit the best among them, so they can bring out the best in language for your game. With our network of 20,000+ language professionals working in over 150 languages, we will make sure that your video game translation is in the hands of the best, most passionate gaming translation team out there.

Other Game Translation Services

Need more out of our gaming translation services? Contact us with your requirements and we’ll come up with a fully customized suite of gaming translation solutions for you.

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