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Tomedes’ reputation for quality lives and dies by the quality of our translators. As such, we have rigorous systems in place to ensure that we recruit and retain outstanding linguists who can deliver at the level required to meet our and our clients’ expectations.

How we recruit translators

We recruit translators from around the world in order to build up a vast network of language pairings and skills. We use native speakers of the target language when we translate clients’ documents, so we need a wide range of language pairings to be available in our network. We also match our clients’ jobs to our translators’ skills, to make sure that each client benefits from sector-specific knowledge.

As such, our recruitment process doesn’t just assess each translator based on their linguistic ability, but also on the breadth of their experience and any specialist knowledge that they can demonstrate. We then award each job to the translator that most closely meets the requirements for that particular piece of work, in order to maintain our high quality standards at all times.


Network of expert translators

We keep tabs on where our translators live in order to ensure that they are assigned work that meets their local environment. This means that a translation into English could be assigned to a translator living in the UK, the USA, Canada or Australia, depending on which version of English suited the client’s needs. It’s our way of ensuring that our translators keep up to speed with local language developments from new vocabulary to evolving word usage.

In addition, our focus on expertise means that we have a host of legal translation experts, medical translation professionals, marketing translation gurus and more in our network. We take this experience into account when assigning every translation job, so that each of our clients can benefit from the services of a translator with specialist skills that are specifically suited to that client’s documents. You can read more here about the other ways in which we guarantee the quality of our translations.


Alexandria, Egypt



I am an Egyptian translator. I have been working as a full-time translator for a leading company in localization services. Although I am a science graduate, I found my passion for learning languages and decided to seek a career as a translator.


Vilnius, Lthuania

Medical translation & Marketing translation


I am freelance English to Lithuanian professional translator. I have BA in translation studies and I am specializing in English to Lithuanian medical, pharmaceutical and commerce translations.



Financial translation & Technical translation


I am a skilled translator and very effective. I am translating now for more than 3 years in various fields: automotive, finance and economics, tourism and mostly technical documents from Spanish or French into German.


Assafarge, Portugal

IT & Healthcare translation


I am a Specialized Translator with a Master's degree in Translation and 23 years experience. I will help you reach the Portuguese speaking market, including Portugal, Brazil and several African countries.


Gryfino, Poland

Proofreading & Editing Services


I'm a native Polish, German and English professional translator since year 2004. I specialized in Proofreading and Editing. My areas of expertise are as follows; Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Tech/Engineering,General/ Conversation/Greetings/ Letters,Tourism & Travel and Linguistics.


Berkeley, US

Literature translation


As a lifelong languages learner, I am thrilled to work as a freelance translator. I have been translating for the past 5 years for a variety of different companies that range from Education to Business owners. I also have two Bachelors Degrees in Classical Languages and Literature because I have a passion for learning languages.


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