University of Arizona Improves Patient Care with a Video Remote Interpreting service

November 21, 2012

By Ofer Tirosh


The University of Arizona Medical Center is seeking to improve patient care and satisfaction for patients with language barriers. The university recently expanded it’s language access program by partnering with Language Service Associates, a leading language service provider around the globe.  Language Services Associates was founded in 1991 and uses many different forms of technology to provide language services to people around the globe.

Brad Behan, director of quality outcomes at UAMC said, "The implementation of a new, improved and instantaneous language interpretation program will help us further drive quality and safety throughout the organization for our patients, while meeting compliance with regulatory requirements for medical care providers, and ensuring completely accurate and effective communication always occurs between the clinician and our patients.”

The University Medical Center now has access to foreign language interpreters and American Sign Language interpreters 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service provides translators via computer screen whenever the university needs them.

The Language Service Associates Video Remote Interpreting service allows clinicians and medical professionals to use their laptop to connect with an interpreter within just minutes.  The virtual support system offers interpreters in over 200 languages. The new and improved language services is slated to improve medical care for non-English speaking immigrants and other patients with language barriers. More information can be found at the University of Arizona Medical Center website,


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