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June 20, 2011

By Ofer Tirosh

Rise in Demand for Finnish and Arabic Translation of Legal Documents

Recently there has been a steep rise in demand for legal translation services, with Finnish and Arabic languages being two with some of the highest legal translation demands. Recently a court proceeding in Dubai came into trouble because there was not sufficient interpretation or translation services available for Arabic translation into another language. Finnish language translation has also recently made headlines for the heavy increase in demand for legal translation services. These are all reasons why it is important to have a go-to translation company for all legal translation services needed by a court, law firm, government agency or any other legal organization. We recently provided Arabic to English translation of legal documents for a firm in Egypt. Keep in mind, Arabic dialects differ, and the Arabic translation needed for Egyptian law firms will be different from the Arabic translation service for Saudi Arabian law firms.

To receive information or submit an inquiry about our language translation services, whether for Arabic legal translation or anything else, simply email your original documents and specifications (urgency, type of document format, etc) to One of our linguistic project managers will reply quickly with information on how to proceed. If you want a less committed or immediate quote, then simply use the menu on the left to upload your documents and select your language pairs. You'll receive an instant estimate for the selected translation and documents, without having to provide any personal information.

Clients With Years of Business LSP Services at Our Translation Company

We've been providing legal translation services to our clients for years, in every major language, as well as many less common ones. Our quality assurance system guarantees accuracy even for highly specialized legal translations. Our legal translators come from advanced legal professions, so that your documents are only translated by highly qualified translators with specialized skills. Some of the more recent examples of legal business documents include a contract from a Japanese company, in need of legal business Japanese to English translation. Because contracts often contain legal clauses and terms, legal translation is often the better choice. Business translation of a contract is a delicate procedure, because of what is often very specific wording. Without impeccably accurate translation service, it could prove to be extremely problematic for a client. Without the guarantee of experienced, professional translation company services, clients risk having a contract translation that does not have the same terms of agreement as the original. This is why our business clients return to us as their primary translation company: we provide them with worry-free translated documents.

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