Boston Police Now Using iPads For Translation

February 07, 2013

By Ofer Tirosh


iPhones and iPads are now the best friends of the Boston police force, who are using them for on the job translations.  They recently received an $83,619 donation from the Boston Police Foundation to purchase more devices. More information about the Boston Police Foundation can be found on their website at 

Boston mayor, Thomas Menino said, "The devices will be deployed to officers and will allow for the performance of warrant checks while in the field. Additionally, officers will have the ability to do relevant internet searches and utilize applications for real-time translation, mapping, and tracking stolen devices, among other tasks.”

Will this be a positive move for the Boston police force? That remains to be seen.  While the ability to translate to non-English speakers on the spot is certainly a benefit, we all know how much can be lost in translation with electronic translation services.  How much room is there for error when the police force tries to translate why someone was stopped or pull over? Should be interesting to find out!



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