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Tomedes translation agency provides professional human translation services through a network of 20,000 translators that operates 24/7 around the world. Our extensive network of industry-expert translators allows us to handle any kind of translation project. Get your free quote today.

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What is Human Translation ?

Human translation involves skilled linguists, providing nuance and context that machine translation might not capture. ​​Tomedes as a translation agency provides professional human translation services for business customers and individuals around the world. We are committed to providing high-quality human translations, as machines (despite their developments over the years) remain to be in need of human translators’ touch. Computers are extremely fast at translating individual words and even short phrases, but when it comes to translating context-specific passages, their abilities are somewhat lacking.


Human translation includes the ability to translate the meaning of a sentence, rather than just strings and words. More importantly, it allows for the comprehension of colloquial communications. A machine might translate an expression such as ‘he was known for burning the midnight oil’ literally, whereas a professional human translator could interpret this as ‘he was known for working late into the night.’ Because of such lapses, reading the translations from a machine can sometimes be a confusing experience. Humans are also able to identify and deal with typographical errors and abbreviations in a way that machines cannot always match. ‘It was there dog’ would generate a literal (and incorrect) translation from a machine, whereas a professional human translator would (correctly) translate ‘it was their dog.’

Human Translation VS. Machine Translation

Where Humans Perform Better

Human translators bring a depth of understanding and context to translation tasks that is currently unmatched by machines. Human translators can naturally avoid translating content that may be detrimental or offensive They are significantly better in the following regard:


> Understanding Cultural Context
> Handling Colloquial Content
> Maintaining Consistency in Tone and Style
> Preventing Biased Messaging 
> Dealing with Ambiguity

Where Machines Perform Better

Machine translation has come a long way in recent years, wiith advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. For clients seeking value-driven translation services, machines translation provide improved quality and a number of benefits compared to human translation such as:


> Speed
> Cost-Efficiency
> Processing Vast Volumes 
> Uniformity Across Technical Terms
> Handling Multiple Languages Simultaneously

Maximize your resources with our integrated approach. We integrate the complementary strengths of human and machine translation. Both humans and machines offer perks that make for high-quality translations.

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Find a Human Translation Company You Can Trust

For consistent and accurate translations, it’s crucial to work with a certified translation company that adheres to industry standards. We employ strict quality assurance policies to ensure the validity and integrity of every translation. If you’re ready to speak with an ISO-certified translation company, contact Tomedes today. 

Discover the Benefits of Human Translation

Human translators bring attention to detail to their work, ensuring that every aspect of the source text is carefully considered and accurately represented in the target language. They catch subtle cultural nuances and intricacies that machines cannot. For example, they understand that a marketing brochure requires a different tone than a technical manual.


If you’re working with legal documents, literary works, and critical documents, you’ll want to work with a skilled human translator. With meticulous attention to detail, they’ll tailor their translations to suit the specific needs of your project.


From SEO to marketing,  our human translators bring specialized knowledge, unmatched experience to your most complex projects. 

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