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Translation services in Toronto have never been easier. Tomedes translation agency in Toronto, Canada provides translation, localization, and interpretation services for your business and individual needs. With over ten years of experience, Tomedes offers a 1-year guarantee on all translation services, as well as rapid delivery and 24/7 customer support

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We Guarantee the Provision of Certified Translation Services

Tomedes guarantees certified translation services for acceptance into all major institutions. Certified translators undergo a rigorous process of selection at Tomedes, assuring that your translations are authentic representations of your original texts. At Tomedes, we assist you at all stages of your applications to make sure that your translations are good to go.

In-Demand Document Translation Services in Toronto

Don't you want to partner with the best? Tomedes has provides quality and accurate services for all translation projects, including these in-demand services:

Financial Document Translation

Financial translators at Tomedes can support all types of financial institutions, such as banks, brokerage firms, and cryptocurrency platforms with translation services. Financial documents such as income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, financial reports, and more can be translated at Tomedes. Just say the word


Legal Document Translation

All types of legal paperwork such as employment contracts, partnership agreements, and corporate bylaws can easily be translated by a legal translator. Legal translators at Tomedes have knowledge of business/corporate law, entertainment law, environmental law, family law, civil rights law, and more. Get started today.


Medical Document Translation

You don't want a financial translator to translate your medical documents. That's why at Tomedes, all medical document translations are done by medical linguistic experts. They can translate documents such as patient information leaflets, medical history records, operative reports, and more. To know more about our medical translators, get started.


Technical Document Translation

Tomedes translators have the know-how to translate your technical documents. Whether it be engineering plans or machine learning modules, Tomedes technical translators can translate the most complex technical documents, equipped with their specific terminologies. Want to know more? Get in touch with us.


A Translation Agency Equipped with Multi-Industry Expertise

Tomedes is trusted by Google, Android, and Fortune 500 companies alike. Put your trust in Tomedes and join our growing number of clients.

Looking for a Certified Translator in Toronto?

Certified translators are just a call away at Tomedes. They'll make sure your applications go smoothly. Get started to work with a native-language translator who can translate your work for almost every industry. Contact Tomedes. We respond in 30 minutes.

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A Translation Company You Can Trust in Toronto  

Tomedes is a translation company you can rely on because we don't just have translations at our fingertips. From the starting point of 132,700 people who can't speak English at all to the 20.5 percent of non-English speaking population of Toronto, you have a translation agency you can trust to broaden your horizons when it comes to language communication. Tomedes' client satisfaction rate of 97% ensures that the client is at the heart of our philosophy, with the added benefit of 24/7 customer support.

Multiple Supported Languages

Tomedes translators are highly skilled at their languages and are authentic native-language speakers. Here are the most popular languages in Toronto for translation:

Frequently Requested Languages in Toronto


Tomedes translation services will fulfill your Spanish translation needs by providing a specific Spanish translator. There are approximately 127,825 Spanish speakers in Toronto. Reach out to these Toronto residents and to Spanish-speaking places beyond Toronto with a Spanish translator from Tomedes.



As the official language of Toronto, the French language is known by a majority of Toronto's residents. Communicating with the majority of the populace with French translation services is just the start of how translation can benefit you, especially if you're thinking about expanding globally. Get started now.



Spoken by 71,725 people in Toronto, Italian is another major language of this city. An Italian translator can translate your documents, an Italian localizer can localize your apps, and an Italian interpreter can deliver. Whatever you need in terms of translation services, contact Tomedes now.



Portuguese is another popular language in Toronto. At Tomedes, a native-language Portuguese translator will work with you on your translation projects, providing you with industry expertise within your niche. Want to learn more about Portuguese translations? Contact us now.



23,935 Toronto residents speak Russian, and a Russian translator can provide you with translation, localization, and interpretation services for your personal or business needs. If you need a document translated into Russian, don't hesitate to talk to Tomedes



At Tomedes, our Japanese translators are highly skilled with the language, as well as Japan's dialects. To top it all off, they're also instrumental in their business industries, which makes our Japanese translators one to beat. If you're interested in learning more, get in touch with Tomedes now.


Translation Services in more than 120 languages and 950+ Language Pairs

Didn't see your language on the list? Not to worry. There's more languages in store: such as Chinese, Tagalog, Tamil, and other languages from over 120 languages and 950+ language pairings. We also have rare languages in our repertoire. Here's the list of available languages. And make sure you reach out to us for any requests.


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