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Mastering the Languages of Your Audiencesis the Name of the Game

Gaming is not kid stuff. It’s big business. And a key to global gaming glory is localizing content, marketing and documentation so that game-makers can enter local markets quickly and successfully. Tomedes manages worldwide teams of mother-tongue linguists with decades of expertise in specialized fields of digital entertainment: from mobile games to AR / VR software and the latest game devices. Our managers audit each project to ensure delivery on time and under budget – with clarity, correctness, and compliance. We play to win, assuring that you do, too. For domestic game developers and global gaming firms targeting new markets, speaking the language of each local audience is the key to success

Our Language Services for Gaming

Game Localization

Gaming customers have invested heavily in perfecting their games. They won’t settle for second best when it comes to localizing their products for new markets. Our clients demand the highest degree of professionalism in their products, along with their marketing materials and technical documentation. Tomedes delivers the quality, without compromise

Technical Translation

For every global gaming success, there is behind the scenes a tremendous amount of documentation work that customers and partners worldwide need to have. Essential to the preparation of these technical documents are the efforts of mother-tongue linguists with software and device expertise to ensure that every item that went into the game is described perfectly. Tomedes plays that key role.

Audio Production & Voiceover

Voicing, background music and sound effects are keys to the success of virtually every game. An essential element of that process is translating, recording voiceovers, subtitling, and -editing each target language. This is a highly specialized profession, and Tomedes brings years of expertise to the process, ensuring that each game truly speaks the language of its audience in perfect pitch.

Website Localization

Games are for playing but crucial to the gaming process is the website and social media pages that support a title’s marketing and sales efforts. Here Tomedes can play a crucial role for gaming industry clients by preparing multi-lingual pages for each game to ensure that each potential customer is assured that the product speaks their language and appeals to their aesthetic tastes.

UI/UX Localization

User interface and user experience are key considerations to every game manufacturer, and Tomedes knows this all too well. That’s we invest our skilled specialists to make sure that each word appearing in a game is exactly the right one, fitting in terms of both correct meaning and exact graphical requirements so that the design is never broken, and so both partners and players are fully satisfied.

Marketing Translation

After a title is completed, that’s when the intensive marketing work begin. Tomedes offers expert know-how in conducting a marketing campaign in multiple languages and multiple markets. Our mother tongue linguists make sure the translations are perfect. And our marketing experts know well how to roll out a multilingual campaign cost-effectively and at the highest levels of quality.

QA & Testing

Transcreation is a term used primarily by marketing and advertising pros in reference to the adaptation of media and documents from one language to others, while keeping the desired intent, tone, style, and context. Our worldwide teams are sensitive to local nuances and possess specific knowledge of special financial domain to achieve this artful result in each translation.

Game Localization Process

UI Content Extraction

The first step of any localization efforts is extracting the linguistic content from the User Interface. This can be done at the code level or by scraping screens with the latest UI extraction technologies.


Extracted content must be translated systematically and exactly, accounting for linguistic correctness as well as character counts and other design considerations. The same applies to subtitles and voiceovers.

Testing & Validation

In localizing games, nothing is taken for granted. Each local version is tested and verified using the highest standards of quality assurance and software validation, areas in which Tomedes excels.


Delivery of a new game title is a cause for celebration. Tomedes excels in the “wrap” – the final stages of preparing game content, documentation, packaging and marketing materials for each target language.

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Tomedes manages thousands of mother-tongue linguists, many with specialized gaming expertise and rich experience. We support more than 100 distinct languages and 200 translation pairs. Our teams work around the world and around the clock, ensuring delivery of your gaming projects on time and under budget. Challenge us to your game!

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