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If you're looking for translation services in Ottawa, it's a good thing Tomedes is here. Tomedes, a leading translation agency in Ottawa, has been providing translation, localization, and interpretation services since 2007. We support over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs, with rapid delivery, a 1-year guarantee, and 24/7 customer support.

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Our Translation Agency is Certified for All Industries

Tomedes translation agency is certified to provide certified translation services faithful to the original document. Our certified translators undergo a rigorous process of selection and they are industry experts as well of their various industries.

Popular Translation Services in Ottawa

Any type of document can be guaranteed certified translations for acceptance in almost every educational, legal, or government institution. Here are the most popular translation services in Ottawa:

Certified Translation Services


Immigration documents almost always require certified translations, if your original documents are not in English. Ministry applications for visas, green cards and citizenship requirements can be made easier with certified translation services in Ottawa


University Applications

Are you going to study abroad or transfer to a university abroad? Our certified translation services help you gain acceptance in your dream university destination. Whether for high school, college or university, grad school, or postgraduate studies, Tomedes has solutions for you.


Job Applications

Are you looking for employment and need to pass in certified translations? At Tomedes, each certified translator knows the unique processes of the business sector you're applying for. You have the assurance of certification, translation, and dedicated translators.

Other Government Entities

For your applications to the Global Affairs Ministry, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Veterans Affairs, or abroad to USCIS or any other government entities, make sure to use translations that are certified. Many of these government agencies will require certified translations, and you've come to the right place.

Document Translation Services

Legal Documents

For the legal profession, types of documents range from affidavits, agreements, contracts and much more. Our legal translators are well-versed in these types of documents, and in the legal sector in general. Meanwhile, they also have the knowledge of two or more languages. Get started today.


Medical Documents

Documents for the medical field range from patient records, clinical history reports, lab results, and more. Being prepared to translate these medical documents are part and parcel of a medical translator's job. Their mastery of two or more languages plus their medical knowledge make them more than proficient.


Technical Documents

Technical documents in fields such as data science and engineering may require translation. Technical documents such as user manuals, product manuals, and more can be transformed into translation. This includes glossaries of specific terminologies as well.


Financial Documents

Financial documents are a necessary part of the everyday life of a business or an organization. These documents range from tax declarations, income statements, balance sheets, and much more. Tomedes translators have the know-how of the financial industry as well as of their specialized languages.


More Available Translation Services

If you didn't see your specific translation service on the list, never fear. There are much more translation services that Tomedes offers, including website translation and localization, marketing translation, and interpretation services.

Looking for a Certified Translator in Ottawa?

A certified translator is just one button away at Tomedes. All our translators are native-language translators, as well as industry experts. Tomedes is key to authentic, faithful and certified documents. Give us a call and we respond in 30 minutes.

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Tomedes places the client at the heart of our philosophy. That's why our client satisfaction rate is 97% and our reviews place us at 4.8 out of 5 stars. We provide solutions for your professional and personal needs that's in line with industry standards. Add to that dedicated project managers and a full-time 24/7 customer support line, and you have a golden opportunity. So contact us today.

Translation Services in over 120 Languages and 950+ Language Pairs

Out of over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs, here are the most popular languages at Tomedes in the Ottawa region:

Popular Languages in Ottawa


As the first official spoken language, French is a very important one of Ottawa residents, spoken by more than 95,000 residents. Those with limited English proficiency but proficient in French may need translation services, either for personal or professional reasons. Reach out today.



One of the most popular languages in Ottawa aside from English and French is Spanish. A global language, Spanish is key to communication with Ottawa residents and beyond. If you're looking at Spanish as your target language, not to worry. Tomedes is here.



A global language and spoken by many businesses around the world, Chinese is also spoken by 14,055 residents in Ottawa. It might be helpful to translate from English to Chinese, French to Chinese, or Chinese to any other language. There's many languages to choose from for your business or for yourself.



One of the most popular languages in Ottawa and spoken by 38,080 residents, Tomedes Arabic translators have the knowledge of both spoken and written Arabic, and can translate or interpret in this language. Need more? Just reach out.


More Supported Languages

We support over 950 language pairs from over 120 languages. This means your language will be available for use. What's stopping you from going global? Reach out now.


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