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Advertising Translation Services

July 09, 2013

German translation requests have been a mainstay for Tomedes since our inception. we receive many requests for German business translations.

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Icelandic Translation Services by our Linguists

July 08, 2013

Icelandic is a language from the North German branch of Indo-European languages. The requests for Icelandic translations is becoming increasingly more common.

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French Business Proposal Translation

July 07, 2013

French is one of the most common European languages and as such we receive a wide array of French translation requests at Tomedes.

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Financial Translation Services by our Expert Turkish Translators

July 07, 2013

Turkish to English translations are becoming more common with the exports of textiles and industrial machinery to the US.

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Health Care Document Translation Service

July 02, 2013

Swedish is becoming one of the more popular European languages we receive translation requests for at Tomedes.

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Business Translation Services by our Expert Korean Translators

June 30, 2013

Korean is one of the most common Asian languages the translators received a request for, Business translation are among the most common

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Polish Website Localization Services

June 27, 2013

There are between 6 and 10 million Polish emigrants in the United States and about 600,000 more in Canada.

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Legal Translation by our Expert Russian Translators

June 26, 2013

Over 300 million people worldwide speak Russian. As such, the demand for Russian translation requests is on the rise.

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Greek Birth Certificate Translation

June 24, 2013

Greek is one of the most common European language translation requests the translators receive at Tomedes.

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Fast and Accurate Dutch Translation Services

June 21, 2013

Dutch is a popular language in many areas of the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Translation requests for Dutch literature and language teachings is becoming increasingly more popular.

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