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A client recently asked Tomedes to translate two letters from Yiddish into English, having found them in a stack of family documents.

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Yiddish to English Letter Translation

February 27, 2014

A client recently asked Tomedes to translate two letters from Yiddish into English. The letters were part of a stack of family documents that had been passed down through the generations. They dated back nearly a century, from when the client’s parents lived in Poland and wrote them to a family member who had emigrated to New York.

With a global network of translators on hand, Tomedes found the perfect person to undertake this personal translation. As she was herself based in New York and an expert in translating personal correspondence from Yiddish to English, we felt the synergies for this job were perfect. 

The client wanted a quick turnaround for the letters, as he was keen to understand their contents as part of a family research project that he was undertaking. Tomedes assured him that we would complete the translation within just four business days, including proofreading the translated letters before handing them over. The client was impressed with such a speedy service and with the low price that we quoted him.

We actually managed to complete the work one day ahead of schedule, which pleased the client no end and enabled him to carry on with his family research without delay. 

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