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French Business Translation by our Professional Translators

August 15, 2013

The Tomedes translators are skilled at business translations of all shapes and sizes, any language, anywhere around the world, 24/7.

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Russian Medical Translation Services by our Experts

August 13, 2013

Russian is one of the more complex languages in the world and therefore requires skilled translators in order to avoid mistranslations.

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Chinese to English Translation

August 12, 2013

Chinese is one of those languages that is in huge demand for translation services and we Tomedes always welcome these translation projects.

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German Website Localization Services

August 08, 2013

German is recognized as the most spoken language in the European Union, which makes it an in-demand language for translation.

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Legal Translation Services by our Professional Dutch Translators

August 08, 2013

Statistics show that people are far more likely to do business with a company if services are offered in their native language.

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Thai Business Translation Services by our Professional Thai Translators

August 06, 2013

Thai translation requests are becoming more common with the rise in the popularity of Thai restaurants in the United States.

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Spanish Legal Translation Services by our Certified Translators

August 05, 2013

Notarized document translations are fairly common requests received at Tomedes. Luckily, these services are one of our specialties.

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Polish Legal Translation Services

July 30, 2013

Polish is one of the most common Slavic languages that we receive translation requests for. most common requests are for legal translations.

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French Translation Services

July 27, 2013

Business cards are a staple for business owners and professionals worldwide. But for some international businesspeople, in order to manage contacts in other countries they need to have their business cards translated into other languages.

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Spanish Translation services by our Expert Translators

July 27, 2013

Spanish is by far one of the most common languages we receive translation requests for. From business translations to practical translations

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