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Companies that market products overseas often need manuals in several languages, such as the English to Spanish manual translation that Tomedes undertook.

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English to Spanish Manual Translation

March 12, 2014

Companies that market their products in multiple countries often need the manual to be provided in several languages, such as the English to Spanish manual translation that Tomedes undertook last month.

The client actually wanted two translations – one into European Spanish and the other into Latin American Spanish. Though very similar, the two languages do have certain differences that the client was keen to observe in the translated versions.

As this was a large document and the client’s priority was keeping costs to a minimum, we agreed that we would provide an initial translation into European Spanish. We put our leading Madrid-based translator to work on the large document immediately.

After that, our top Spanish translator in Mexico went through the Spanish version and made the changes required to ensure it was appropriate to her own regional dialect.

By approaching the task in this way, we were able to provide the client with an extremely competitive price for the work, as well as with two flawlessly translated Spanish versions of his manual. The client was thrilled to have received such a high quality service for such a good price and appreciated Tomedes’ flexible approach, which ensured that both his translation and his financial needs were met

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