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Clients approach Tomedes from all directions, such as the new client for whom we undertook an Italian to US English resume translation last week.

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Italian to US English Resume Translation

February 24, 2014

Clients approach Tomedes from all sorts of directions and the new client for whom we undertook an Italian to US English resume translation last week is a great example. Based in Genoa, she was planning to move to the US for work and needed her resume translated into perfect English and formatted correctly in order that she could do so. She approached Tomedes through the online chat function on our website, through which we answered her queries before undertaking the translation work.

The client’s resume was rather longer than an employer would usually look for, so we worked closely with her to ensure that the information included was succinct and relevant to the kind of roles for which she would be applying when she got to the US. By having a bank of translators with backgrounds in HR, Tomedes is able to ensure that every client receives a personalised service in this way.

Our Italian client was most impressed. We had quoted her far less than she expected, provided a fast and responsive service and helped to shape the English version of her CV so that it was appealing to employers in the US. She has promised to let Tomedes know as soon as she has any further translation needs

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