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A client asked Tomedes for a literary translation from Portuguese-English. The translation was for a story to be published in the media

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Portuguese to English Literary Translation

February 12, 2014

A client approached Tomedes recently, asking for a literary translation from Portuguese to English. The translation was for a story to be published in the media, for which the client required an official certificate of translation. This is something that Tomedes is happy to provide for any job for which it is requested.

The job was from Brazilian Portuguese to British English, so we sought out one of our best translators, based in the English city of Chelmsford. With a Brazilian father and English mother, she was a part-time writer as well as a professional translator, making her the perfect person to undertake this work.

The client needed the translation in a hurry, so we got to work immediately. Within just two days of his initial request, we had provided the English version of the translation, along with the required certificate of translation.

The client was impressed. We had beaten his expectations in terms of timescale and had provided him with a flawless translation of this story. With the certificate in hand – and all for a lower cost than he expected – the client was able to publish the English version of his story in the media as planned. Now he knows exactly who to turn to next time he needs an accurate translation for a reasonable price

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