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English to German Environmental Translation

April 07, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

Scientific and environmental translations are a specialist task, such as the English to German environmental translation that Tomedes completed earlier this week. The client needed the translation urgently – within just two business days of assigning the work to us.

At Tomedes we enjoy a challenge, so we were happy to accept this urgent job with its technical language requirements, knowing that we would be able to both meet the timescale and provide an accurate and high quality translation. Our bank of translators contains over 5,000 skilled professionals, so we know that we always have the perfect translator on hand to begin immediately.

As well as being in a hurry for his translation, the client also needed to keep his costs under control. Thankfully the innovative Tomedes business model means that we always provide competitive quotes, even for urgent and specialists translation jobs.

Within just 48 hours of being given the work, the Tomedes team had not only produced a flawless translation, but had also subjected it to our standardized round of quality assurance checks.

The translated document was handed back to the client within his urgent timescale and he was most impressed with the speed, quality and excellent value of the Tomedes translation service

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