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Navigating global opportunities? Whether it's studying abroad, migrating, or any international endeavor, your birth certificate is important to verify your identity. Ensure it's accurately represented with our top-tier birth certificate translation services. Dive in, and see why many trust us for their crucial translation needs.

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Birth Certificate Translation for Official Use

Birth certificate translations are crucial in ensuring an individual's core identity is universally recognized. In official settings, having a certified or official birth certificate translation is pivotal for seamless processes in immigration, education, and other legal affairs.

At Tomedes, we specialize in providing certified birth certificate translations, ensuring authenticity and global recognition for your pivotal documents.

Furthermore, for your USCIS application, if you're translating a foreign birth certificate, it's imperative to have a third party handle the translation; self-translations are not accepted.

Why Entrust Birth Certificate Translations to Professionals

Guaranteed Accuracy

At Tomedes, we don’t assume anything, we verify. Our meticulous approach ensures that names, places, and intricate details are translated with the utmost accuracy, reflecting their true intent and essence.


Navigating the requirements of different institutions can be daunting. Tomedes understands this, which is why we offer the exact certification required by your target institution, streamlining your documentation process.

Secure & Confidential

Entrusting someone with personal documents demands trust. At Tomedes, we value your confidentiality. With robust NDAs in place and secure platforms, we ensure that your legal documents remain strictly confidential.

Available 24/7

Relocations and transitions come with their own set of challenges. However, with Tomedes, translation isn't one of them. We operate around the clock, ensuring that no matter your time zone or urgency, we're here to assist seamlessly.

Transparent & Fair Pricing for Birth Certificate Translations

Why pay for a full page when your birth certificate only contains a few lines? At Tomedes, we believe in transparent and fair pricing—charging per word, not per page. Plus, we proudly offer a free certification of accuracy if required. Discover your exact translation cost now.

Birth Certificate Translation for Any Use Case

At Tomedes, we recognize the pivotal role of translated birth certificates in life-altering scenarios. Immigration often hinges on these documents as one's primary identity proof, while academic aspirations abroad necessitate them to verify student credentials. Whatever requirement your translation needs, we have you covered. We commonly translate birth certificates for the following use cases: 

  • checkImmigration
  • checkVisa Application
  • checkEmployment
  • checkEducation
  • checkFinancial Services
  • checkMarriage
  • checkLegal Proceedings
  • checkAdoptions

Translate Your Foreign Birth Certificate into English and 150 Other Languages

Tomedes boasts a global team of birth certificate translators proficient in over 950 language pairs. While birth certificates typically share similar details, specific nuances vary between nations. Recognizing these distinctions is essential. Therefore, we meticulously select a birth certificate translator adept in both the original language and the intended translation. Here are the some languages we frequently handle for birth certificate translations:

More Supported Languages

What to Ask Your Birth Certificate Translation Company

Are they going to transliterate your document?

Not all translators are able to transliterate documents, which is the process of converting a text from one writing system to another. This is important for birth certificates, as the names, places, and other details on the document may not be able to be translated directly.

Are they capable of formatting the translated birth certificate?

The formatting of the translated birth certificate is important, as it should match the formatting of the original document. This will ensure that the translated document is easy to read and verify.

What additional services can they provide?

Some translation companies offer additional services, such as notarization or legalization. These services can be important if you need to submit your translated birth certificate to a government agency.

How do they provide revisions?

It is important to make sure that your translator is willing to revise your translated birth certificate if there are any errors. This will help to ensure that you have an accurate and error-free translation. Our quality policy guarantees your translated documents for a year after delivery, which means we can correct errors free of charge in the off chance that one of our translators made a mistake. 


Here are some common questions clients ask us:

Can I translate my own birth certificate?


What certifications do I need to secure for a USCIS application?

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