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Everybody has a right to a better future. Our expert team provides high-quality translations of all necessary documents, ensuring that your asylum application is accurate and culturally appropriate. Contact us today to learn more about our asylum document translation services and take the first step towards securing your future.

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Professional and Accurate Asylum Document Translation Services

Asylum document translations are essential for accurate application processing, effective legal representation, and informed advocacy and research efforts. They ensure clear communication and understanding among immigration authorities, lawyers, NGOs, and researchers, leading to fair evaluations, targeted policies, and improved support systems for asylum seekers and refugees.


We provide precise, professional asylum document translations in compliance with destination country regulations. Our skilled translators prioritize confidentiality and cultural sensitivity, ensuring fast turnaround times for urgent asylum applications. We offer official translations for all required asylum documents, catering to the unique needs of asylum seekers.

Why Choose Tomedes

Culture Sensitive

Our translators recognize the significance of cultural sensitivity when working on asylum document translation. We ensure that our translators are sensitive to cultural nuances and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our clients' personal information during the translation process.

Expert Translators

Our team of expert translators have extensive experience in translating legal and official documents, guaranteeing that all translations for asylum document translation are accurate and reliable. We understand the importance of providing precise translations to ensure a fair and just asylum application process.


Your privacy is our top priority. Our team of expert translators guarantees complete confidentiality and security for all asylum documents. We use encrypted file sharing, secure servers, and follow strict privacy policies to safeguard your sensitive information. You can trust us to deliver accurate and culturally appropriate translations with complete discretion.

Exceptional Turnaround Time

We have a global network of translators strategically located in every timezone to ensure that our clients' asylum document translation projects are completed efficiently and on time. Our network enables us to work beyond the conventional 8-hour work day, providing fast turnaround times that meet the urgent needs of asylum seekers.

Available 24/7

At Tomedes, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our team is available 24/7, even on holidays, to ensure that our clients receive the assistance they need for their asylum document translation. We are committed to delivering personalized service and addressing any concerns our clients may have, whenever they arise.

Contact Us Anytime, Anywhere

The client has always been at the heart of Tomedes’ corporate philosophy, which is why we have cost-effective asylum documents translation prices. We guarantee 15-minute response to quote and project inquiries, 24/7 support, and a full-year accuracy warranty on each project.

Essential Documents for Asylum Seekers Needing Translation

The necessary asylum documents depend on the host country's laws and regulations. Translations are mandatory when there is a language barrier, which is particularly important when the official language differs from that of the original documents. Asylum seekers must understand their case requirements and seek legal and language expert aid to ensure precise translations and fair assessment. Typical documents that necessitate asylum document translation comprise:

  • checkLetter of recommendation
  • checkLegal documents
  • checkApplication for asylum e.g. Form I-589 content
  • checkEducational records
  • checkEmployment records
  • checkPersonal statements or letters related to the asylum seeker's case
  • checkPolice reports
  • checkMedical records or evaluations

Translate Asylum Documents into and from English and 150+ Languages

At Tomedes, we offer expert translation in over 150 languages and 950+ language pairs, ensuring that your asylum documents are accurately and comprehensively translated. Our commitment to bridging linguistic gaps empowers you to navigate the asylum application process with confidence. Here are the most popular languages requested for asylum document translations:

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