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Providing professional translation services for news and journalism documents and content, such as news source translation, news report translation, publishing translation, broadcasting translation, and any other related news translation needs. We offer the lowest cost translation, starting with an easy and instant free quote.

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News and Journalism Translation for Global Communication

News and journalism translation is needed for anything from science and medical journals to very specific niche publications - all of which we have provided journalism translation services. Fast and accurate news source translation is vital to many news reporters, who depend upon foreign language sources for regular information. Translation from one news source to another must be completely accurate for any report, whether for investigative reporting or medical research translation.

Journalism and news translation is typically a document translation service, and one for which we provide the lowest translation rates, compared to any other leading translation company. However, if an audio transcription service is needed, we also provide many types of audiovisual translation services. For any kind of news document translation, simply upload your texts or files using the menu on the left, or input the total word count. You'll receive an immediate estimate of the lowest translation prices possible, from any top translation service.

Why Choose Tomedes’ News Translation Service

Discover why more than 95,000 clients choose Tomedes for their translation needs.

Superior Contextual Understanding

Harnessing our 20,000+ native translators, we guarantee accurate translations that retain the original context, cultural nuances, and idiomatic expressions.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Utilizing advanced CAT tools and productivity software, we deliver quick, high-quality translations, ensuring the freshness and relevance of your news.

Consistency and Scalability

Using glossaries, translation memories, and CAT tools, we maintain consistent, quality translations across large volumes, offering scalable solutions based on your needs.

Expertise in Niche Subjects

Our team of subject matter experts guarantees translations that align with the unique terminologies and conventions of various niche subjects, retaining your news content's credibility.

News Translation for Broadcasting & Editorial; Website Translation & More

News and journalism translation covers a wide area of possibilities and potential translation services. Here is just a short list of some of the types of news document translation services we can provide our clients:

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For audio or video news translation, send us the audio or visual file in the source language, and if possible, also send a written text of the source language to be translated; and email us at We will provide you with a quick response and answer any questions you may have. For a more immediate briefing of our services, you can also connect to our live chat for immediate consultation.


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