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In an interconnected world, language barriers shouldn't compromise healthcare. Whether you're an expatriate, traveler, or healthcare provider, our dedicated prescription translator ensures clarity, safety, and peace of mind. Get prescription translation services in more than 150 languages now. 

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The Need for Prescription Translation in a Globalized World

The rise of the Internet and globalization has led to a significant increase in individuals living and working in countries where they may not be fluent in the primary language. Consider New York: over a million people in the city have Limited English Proficiency, meaning they might face challenges in understanding, speaking, reading, or writing in English.

Such a situation has the potential to cause serious trouble, especially if you consider that this section of people would be requiring medical attention of some kind at various points in their lives. However, since they live in a country where English is the predominant language, they would end up with prescriptions in a language they don’t understand. This can lead to instances of taking the wrong dosage and even the wrong medicine which can lead to side effects ranging from mild to fatal. This has led Tomedes to provide high-quality professional prescription 

Benefits of Working with A Professional Prescription Translation Service

Guaranteed Accuracy

Tomedes employs translators with deep medical expertise, diligently translating your RX's generic name, accurate dosages, and specific drug intake guidelines.

Fast Turnaround

Recognizing the urgency of medical needs, Tomedes ensures prescription translations are delivered in under 24 hours, catering to immediate requirements.

Secure & Confidential

With respect for your privacy, Tomedes adheres to strict medical privacy regulations like HIPAA and the European Union's Data Protection Directive, safeguarding all personal medical data.

Available 24/7

Given the global demand and the critical nature of medical prescriptions, Tomedes’ team remains available 24/7, consistently ready to address your prescription translation needs.

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Rx Translation in More than 150 Languages

In today's age of ever-increasing global immigration and international travel, the necessity for precise prescription translations has become more apparent. Tomedes stands at the forefront, providing expert translations across a vast spectrum of languages to ensure unwavering health and safety. Here are the popular languages for which our clients request prescription translation services:

Stay Informed with Tomedes: Prescription Translations and More

Amidst the vast domain of healthcare, Tomedes extends its expertise beyond prescriptions, ensuring that every piece of medical information you access is comprehensible. From drug leaflets to video presentations, we're your bridge to understanding. 

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