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Tomedes medical report translation services offer accuracy and efficiency to healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. Translate medical report documents by turning to our professional linguists who have experience in the medical field.

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Tomedes’ Medical Report Translation Services Give Providers and Patients the Key to Achieve Their Healthcare Goals

Medical report translation refers to the process of converting medical documents, such as diagnostic reports and other healthcare-related documentation from one language to another. This medical translation service is vital in healthcare settings where patients, medical professionals, researchers, and institutions may communicate in different languages.


Tomedes’ quality medical report translation services are done accurately and efficiently, so you can concentrate on proper treatment. Medical report translation can make the road to healthcare easier, whether you’re the medical professional providing the analysis, or the patient waiting for critical care. Tomedes is committed to connecting a wide variety of institutions and individuals with our trusted language solutions.


Why would you need to translate your medical report ?

Medical reports are a comprehensive overview of an individual’s medical history. Healthcare professionals and insurance providers request different types of reports to understand the factual information of a patient's health history for both medical and legal purposes. You may need a medical report translation if you need to relay information about your healthcare past to a local or foreign authority.

Medical Report Translation Services that Serve Your Healthcare Needs

Performed by Native Linguist Experts in the Medical Field

If you need a medical report translation, you can be sure with Tomedes that it is performed by a professional linguist who has demonstrated experience in the medical field. Our medical report translation services encompass expertise and terminological accuracy every time.

HIPAA Compliant

At Tomedes, we adhere to the strictest security and privacy policies to guarantee complete compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our medical report translation services are accurate and efficient while fully respecting your confidentiality every step of the way.

Fast and Cost Effective

Ensuring cost-effective and timely medical report translations while upholding accuracy is ingrained in our approach. Leveraging templates and CAT tools, honed through years of experience translating for diverse medical institutions, exemplifies our commitment to excellence.

USCIS Acceptance

Are you on the lookout for a medical report translation accepted by USCIS authorities for immigration purposes? Tomedes’ medical report translation services help you easily navigate the process so you can move forward with complete peace of mind.

We Translate Every Kind of Medical Report for Your Specific Needs

Tomedes has benefitted from years of experience translating all kinds of medical reports. Generated upon request, the different types of reports contain factual information of a patient’s health history. Here are the most common types of medical reports we translate:

  • checkConsultation Reports
  • checkDischarge Summaries
  • checkHistory and Physical Reports
  • checkHospital Reports
  • checkLaboratory Reports
  • checkMedico Legal Reports
  • checkOperative Reports
  • checkPathology Reports
  • checkRadiology Reports
  • checkInitial Office Evaluations
  • checkAdmission Reports

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The client has always been at the heart of Tomedes’ corporate philosophy, which is why we have cost-effective medical report translation prices. We guarantee 15-minute response to quote and project inquiries, 24/7 support, and a full-year accuracy warranty on each project.

Medical Report Translation Services in Over 150 Languages

Tomedes’ international team of professional linguists ensures quality medical report translation services in just about any language you may need. The languages we translate include but are not limited to:


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Healthcare Organizations Across the Globe Depend on Tomedes’ Medical Report Translation Services

Tomedes has become a trusted partner of healthcare organizations around the world following our dedication to quality medical report translation services for any number of needs.


Here are some common questions clients ask us:

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