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Russian Medical Device Translation

September 07, 2012

English to Russian translation of a medical device instruction manual was provided for a Fortune 1000 client.

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Chinese App Localization Services

August 24, 2012

This Chinese translation service was for a client who needed technical translation for his mobile game app for smartphone app stores.

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Legal Translation Services by our Professional Hebrew Translators

August 08, 2012

We provided legal translation from Hebrew to English of Kuwait labor laws for a client.

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Legal Translation Services by our Professional Arabic Translators

July 06, 2012

Arabic to English translation of legal documents for a Syrian client.

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Professional Greek Legal Translation Service

May 21, 2012

A high profile international attorney recently contracted us to translate some sensitive, highly confidential legal documents in several languages; the primary service being English to Greek translation of the legal documents.

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Medical Document Translation Services

May 19, 2012

An important medical evaluation was submitted to us for Hebrew translation

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HR Translation Services

April 23, 2012

A global company contracted us to provide French translation of a human resources, company job-related website and FAQ sheet for all company employees.

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Financial Translation Services by our Professionals

April 19, 2012

Arabic and Hebrew translation of a contract for general real estate lending terms, for one of Israel's biggest lending firms

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Mobile App Localization Services

April 06, 2012

Demands for localization of mobile applications and operating systems have gone up in the past few years, which has put our localization experts to work. Most recently this involved mobile OS localization for Russian, Japanese, Icelandic, Czech, Korean and German languages.

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Professional Translation Services

March 01, 2012 foreign document translation services will ensure accuracy and reliability while investigating your ancestral past.

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