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Academic research is a specialised area of translation that requires background knowledge of the subject area.

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October 22, 2013

Tomedes is often asked to undertake substantial translation jobs in specialist areas of expertise. Our translation service matches professional translators with specific skills and experience to each project, so that every client’s translation is of the highest quality. We always use human translation to ensure that our finished products sound as beautiful in their new language as they did in their original. 

Academic research is a specialised area of translation that requires background knowledge of the subject area. When a new client recently asked us to begin translating his books on sedimentation research from Chinese to English, in order that he could reach out to a wider audience, we instantly understood the specialist skills that would be needed. 

At Tomedes we maintain a bank of professional freelance translators around the world, so that we always have the right person on hand for every job. We turned to one of our London-based translators of Chinese heritage for the translation of this academic book. Before becoming a translator, she had studied geology at university, so we knew straight away that she was the perfect fit for the task. 

Translating a book is a lengthy process. The original text had almost one million Chinese characters. Our translator picked up the project and committed to it full-time in order to get it done in the shortest possible time. Though the client didn’t have a specific deadline in mind, we wanted to be sure to translate his book swiftly and accurately, in line with the ethos of the translation service that Tomedes offers. 

The client was very happy with the final product that we delivered to him and his book is now selling well to English-speaking audiences as well as to Chinese ones. He has assigned us his second academic book to translate, which we started work on just last week. Through our ongoing partnership we will ensure that his research is shared as widely around the globe as it deserves to be. 

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