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Ebook Language Translation

October 17, 2013

Last updated on December 27, 2022

With electronic reading devices, including smartphones and tablets, spreading across the globe like wildfire, many writers are looking to reach out to a worldwide audience by translating their Ebooks into multiple languages.

Case Study - Translating An Ebook From English To French

A long term client contacted us recently to ask if we would translate his Ebook into French, in order to open up his market of clients to include the 31 French-speaking African countries. We had previously translated the book into Italian and Hindi for him.

This was a complex job. Not only was the translation extremely long (totalling over 80,000 words), but the subject matter (the economic structures underpinning the free market) was detailed and technical. Having translated the book twice before, we knew that this job would require one of our leading translators in order to do it the justice that the subject matter deserved.

Professional Ebook Translator With Industry Expertise

We assigned our top Ivory Coast-based translator to undertake the job. She had a background in finance and an interest in global development, making her the perfect candidate for the job. We assigned her time exclusively to the Ebook translation so that she would not be distracted by other jobs until the project had been completed.

We allowed two months for this work, which included time for any queries to be discussed with the client, as well as for the translation itself. Our translator actually finished it ahead of schedule, producing the final French version of the Ebook in an impressive seven weeks. The client was thrilled and immediately began marketing his book online to Africa’s francophone countries.

Translating Ebooks Into Any Language For Global Presence

The client is already considering which market to approach next, but whichever it is he has pledged to use Tomedes for the translation. Our combination of low pricing and top quality translation, along with our bank of translators from across the world, means that whichever language he chooses, we have the perfect translator ready and waiting.

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