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A new client recently approached us regarding their casino website.The internet has allowed for the massive expansion of online gambling.

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English to Italian Translation of Casino Website

October 03, 2013

A new client recently approached us regarding their casino and online gaming website. The internet has allowed for the massive expansion of online gambling and many sites attract clientele from across several international borders.

Translating an entire online casino website is a huge task. As well as an understanding of the gaming industry, translators need to be familiar with working on corporate information, legal terms and financial information. They also need to be comfortable with the promotional language used in the site’s various offers.

We discussed our new client’s needs and chose the best members of our Italian translation team to undertake the work. At 30,000 words, this was a lengthy job. As the client had a ten day deadline, we chose our leading Italian translator to undertake it. With a marketing background and previous experience of translating legal documents, we knew her combination of skills would be perfect for the translation of the site.

We completed the job well within the client’s ten day deadline. The finished site had a professional tone, which was engaging in the promotional sections and more formal in the legal and corporate sections. The translator also ensured that the FAQ page was translated into easy to understand language, as had been the intention in the site’s original language.

This level of skilful translation and understanding of the intent of the text is the reason that computer-generated translation simply will not work for professional documents and websites. At Tomedes we always use real humans to work on our clients’ projects, as we pride ourselves on ensuring that the translated documents are crafted perfectly in the client’s chosen language, whatever that language may be. 

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