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Tomedes provides Arabic to English brochure translation and vice versa for a range of industries such as tourism, real estate, and technology. Our expert translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Arabic brochure translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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English to Arabic Brochure Translation with Desktop Publishing

October 08, 2013

Translating brochures is a highly skilled job. In addition to translating the words themselves, the translator needs to ensure that the translated brochure contains just the right tone of marketing language, which is something that differs from country to country. In some countries marketing documents will be extremely direct in the way they promote a product, while in others the language will be far more subtle. Colloquialisms require particularly careful attention, as their nuances and spirit need to be carried across to the target language and audience. 

A new client asked us recently to translate a brochure from English to Arabic for him. He needed the Arabic brochure translation within 48 hours of his first contact with us, so we established his needs through our usual detailed process. Our initial discussions with clients are always of sufficient depth to be certain that we understand their needs and their timescales, so that we can deliver according to their schedule. 

Arabic is one of Tomedes’ top five most in demand languages when it comes to translation work for our clients. We have a team of translators on hand to manage everything from sales brochures to complex medical documents. 

Ensuring the Quality of Arabic Brochure Translations

For this translation of brochure to Arabic, we worked in specialist software programme InDesign, as this was the programme in which the client had created the file. At the client’s request, we provided a bilingual version of the file, with the English and Arabic side by side. The Arabic brochure translator we selected had experience of working in marketing, so was familiar with the kind of language in the brochure and how marketing material tended to be presented to an Arabic-speaking audience.  

Given the file size for this job, we made use of Dropbox to share the document, as well as using InDesign to access the file. We find that this kind of flexibility in meeting our clients’ needs ensures that each translation job goes smoothly and that our clients are happy with the process. Of course we also take care to ensure that the quality of the Arabic brochure translation itself is first class. 

Tomedes’ Professional and Quick Turn Around Service

We were able to meet this client’s 48 hour deadline, presenting him with a bilingual InDesign file. He was so pleased that he promptly asked us to undertake another five pages of InDesign translation, which of course it was our pleasure to get to work on immediately.


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