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Some translations need to be made into multiple languages. We have translators ready to translate documents into as many languages as needed.

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October 08, 2013

At Tomedes we understand that there are times when translations need to be made into more than one language. We have a huge range of translators at our disposal, ready to translate documents into as many languages as required. 

A long-term client contacted us recently on a Friday afternoon, with a brief (450 word) document that she needed translated urgently from English into both French and Russian. The document contained logistical information for individuals travelling abroad for a meeting. It included information on how to arrange visas, where the venue was located and what to do about currency, so conveying these details accurately in both French and Russian was extremely important. 

The client needed the document back urgently, so we found two of our translators who were available at weekends, in order to ensure that the client’s Monday deadline could be met. We ensure that no matter what language may be required, we have translators available to undertake assignments around the clock. That way we can be certain of always meeting our clients’ deadlines, no matter how last minute their contact with us might be. 

Working flexibly with two of our team members in this way, the Tomedes account manager ensured that the French and Russian translations were provided to the client on the Sunday, one day ahead of schedule. The client was impressed and was able to provide the translations in good time to all those attending the meeting she had organised. The result was that the English, French and Russian delegates all arrived at the meeting on time, with the right visas to hand and the right currency in their pockets. Another job well done!

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