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English to Dutch Business Translation Services

July 24, 2013

Business translations are some of the most common translation project requests received at Tomedes. We provide Translation Services in any language pair.

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Social Media Translation Services

July 23, 2013

Although requests for Tibetan translations are less common than languages such as French and Spanish, Tomedes does have translators on staff to assist with Tibetan translation needs.

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Portuguese Software Translation

July 22, 2013

Portugese is one of the most rapidly growing languages. As such, the need for Portugese software translators is on the rise.

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Business Translation Services by our Skilled Chinese Translators

July 19, 2013

Chinese translations are among the most common and most difficult translation projects to complete and these projects are always welcome at Tomedes.

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Swedish Translation Service

July 18, 2013

Medical paperwork is one of those types of documents that you don't want mistranslated. Medical mistranslations can lead to medical errors

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Arabic Diploma Translation

July 17, 2013

Arabic translations are becoming increasingly popular, especially where it concerns international business matters.

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Italian Educational Translation Services

July 17, 2013

Italian to English translations are quite popular, especially in certain parts of the United States.

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Comic Book Translation Services

July 13, 2013

Japanese translation requests are quite common, especially when it comes to business related translations.

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Armenian Translation Services

July 11, 2013

Armenian translation requests are among the many languages the translators at Tomedes are capable of working with.

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Advertising Translation Services

July 09, 2013

German translation requests have been a mainstay for Tomedes since our inception. we receive many requests for German business translations.

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