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Arabic and French Translation Services

January 09, 2014

Translating business documents, such as the presentation translation to French and Arabic that we undertook recently, is a core part of Tomedes professional translation service.

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Arabic Technical Translation

January 06, 2014

English to Arabic translation of technical manuals is a task often undertaken by the Tomedes professional translation service.

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Automative Website Translation Services

January 06, 2014

Tomedes is regularly asked to undertake Hebrew to English website translation, such as the 2014 retail site that we translated recently.

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Translate PowerPoint From English To Arabic

January 02, 2014

PowerPoint presentations can be tricky to translate, but Tomedes made a fine job of the presentation that we were asked to translate to Arabic.

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Literary Translation Services by our Linguists

December 30, 2013

Creative projects often need to be produced in more than one language, such as the film script that Tomedes translated recently from Italian to English.

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Japanese Translation Services by our Expert Business Translators

December 29, 2013

For many companies, a business card is the first written document that a potential client will receive from them, so it is essential that it will be free of errors.

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Estonian Business Translation Services

December 26, 2013

Tomedes is often asked to translate tender documents and our most recent example was the translation of a technology tender from Estonian to English.

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Medical Translation Services

December 24, 2013

Tomedes is regularly asked to provide medical translations, such as a recent request to translate a pharmaceutical text into both Chinese and Korean.

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Arabic Marketing Translation

December 22, 2013

A recent request to translate a market research report from English to Arabic saw Tomedes utilising our best UAE-based translator, selected from our global bank of professional translators.

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Spanish Marketing Translation

December 18, 2013

The translation of marketing materials is one of the most popular requests that Tomedes receives, such as the English to Spanish marketing document translation.

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