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English to Japanese iPhone App Translation

May 06, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

The translation of applications is a rapidly growing industry and last week Tomedes was asked to undertake the extremely urgent translation of an iPhone app from English to Japanese

The translation was for a regular client, for whom we had previously translated a number of technical documents as well as apps.  The unusual thing about this job was the timescale – the client need the translated app within just two hours!

With no time to lose, we got to work immediately, contacting our leading app translator based in Nagoya and setting him to work straight away. We maintained regular email contact with the client while the translation work was being undertaken, so that queries in relation to items such as menus could be addressed without delaying the delivery of the final translation. 

By being so responsive and proactive, Tomedes was able to produce the Japanese version of the app text within the two hour deadline and at a very competitive price. The client was absolutely thrilled. He had already experienced the high quality of Tomedes’ translation services on previous jobs and now we had added extreme efficiency to our list of attributes. Not bad for two hours’ work! 


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