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English to Portuguese Company Brochure Translation

May 12, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

It’s often important for companies to provide their sales documents in multiple languages, such as the English to Portuguese company brochure translation that Tomedes recently completed. 

The client required translation into European Portuguese, which is similar to South American Portuguese, but with a few distinct differences. As such, we turned to one of our network of professional translators, based in Porto, to tackle the job. 

This was a business to business brochure, with detailed descriptions of a range of products specific to the manufacturing sector. Our translator was highly experienced in working on such documents, so we knew that he would provide a flawless translation in record time.

We weren’t disappointed and, after our professional proof-reader had taken care of the quality assurance element of the Tomedes translation service, we presented the translated company brochure to the client. 

With the competitive price that he had been charged for the service, the high quality of the translation and the fast turnaround time, the client was extremely impressed. He has already provided us with two more company brochures to translate into Portuguese and is now finalizing the English version of his company website, ready for us to add Portuguese website translation to the list of services with which we have successfully provided him. 


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